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    Posted April 5, 2014 by
    milan, Italy

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    The paradigm of the new Finance

    Interview with Hrh Guglielmo Rinaldini

    Moreover, in Italy itself the ruling class has on several occasions shown did not know even the precise allocation of financial paradigm within the company, placing it even within the "economy" or as a synonym of the same or worse than the ": Marxian"-and therefore not Marxist Orthodox also intended as general interpretation (and alien and now Mars ...)-category of "production".
    What really is Finance?
    The "Finance" is a totally separate from "production" and "Economics", one that at the same time supervises and informs him these lower categories in the hierarchy of sources, from the time I say this otherness and superiority of financial paradigm so far unheard.And it must be said that the entire planet is still influenced by thought forms without reality and from the 800 's thinkers, one among all that Karl Marx that being Jewish had therefore same internalized the idea of accumulation of money, because of the ostracism to which were now treated the Jews in Europe. an idea of accumulation which led to idealize and ideology of this case completely nonexistent which the category of "capitalism" and that accumulation of capital (thing because of persecution and its laws restricting them were forced to make the Jews), from which originate entirely invented and figures exist such as Uncle Scrooge.
    Only Disney material true example of "free market" represented by the United States of America we're seeing not processes of accumulation of capital, but to a horizontal and vertical dynamics that invests all social and generational groups and allows virtually anyone to have access to important roles with its increased risk and earnings directly proportional (something that doesn't happen in Italy where the largest Communist Party, trade unions and the Labour Court held the labor market stuck and paid employees, i.e. with salt as two thousand years ago and therefore slaves, as fixed-income employees with safeguards but without a real chance to break free and be able to earn more money.
    In these typical reality of modernity is part of the "Finance" which province presiding and pre-order form human activity of free trade.?
    Typical of modernity is the process of financialization, process by which entire sectors of human existence assist financial support constant and pervasive, phenomenon that sees finance motor activities as required (e.g. recall how funding changed how purchasing car for example in Italy of the years ' 50 and ' 60, allowing almost anyone to be able to equip a compact car) and has also known as drifts of housing for all and the famous and notorious "subprime".
    And other famous degeneration is the abuse of "derivatives" of securities that bet on debt exponentially, creating catastrophes with planetary repercussions.
    In Italy we have seen this case relevant to municipalities who accepted (unable to make being public money not subject to risk) such products "derived", similarly to a debtor who comes close to his loan shark.But the "Finance" is a completely different thing and in its upper part sees two areas entirely rule the world, the "Credit Enhancement" that provides for the creation of special purpose vehicle in jurisdictions with low taxation and low regulation, companies that are financed by credit lines securitizzate which are then posted as collateral "bank guarantees" granted in year-by-year reallocation, the "Private Placement" son of Marshall closeups that sees the acquisition of bank bonds (i.e. primary banking issues with expiry date, expiry date for the collection) for sale in vista to significantly lower price at face value.These titles are in the form of "bank guarantees" and "MTN" (medium term notes), not having the risk of default (typical actions risk), guarantee the "Private Placement" as the only example in the world of exclusively positive leverage with guaranteed capital and high efficiency.
    When years ago I found myself at the Finance Department of Canton Ticino to speak with then Finance Minister Hon Marina Masoni and adjacent areas the opportunity to equip Swiss municipalities and the Confederal State of a third country able to finance it, structure based on the "Private Placement" his answer was "it's a wonderful idea but unfortunately will not do".
    In 2006 the Festival della Modernità come invited by professor Armando Valiyattil to talk about "New Finance", a term I coined in relation to new physics in which laws are fully reflected.In 2013 after creating the Guglielmo Rinaldini Finance financial company d.o.o specializes in "Credit Enhancement". I created to this end the investment firm Guglielmo Rinaldini d.o.o Investicije. specializing in "Private Placement" and in accordance with the greatest Slovenian banker France Arhar and in agreement with the head of the International Monetary Fund, Mrs. Christine Lagarde mean equipping individuals and institutions of this instrument of high-yield and investment capital guaranteed.

    About photos:
    Hrh Guglielmo Rinaldini, photos with personalities from the world of Italian politics and the world of the show and during the award received for his social commitment at the Festival of law enforcement and national and international military
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