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    Posted April 5, 2014 by
    Lahore, Pakistan
    This iReport is part of an assignment:
    Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

    Highly possible location of MH370


    Possible location for MH370:


    1. The possible location of the unfortunate plane is depicted in red circle in the attached file (after slight editing ocean floor diagram from http://maps.ngdc.noaa.gov/viewers/bathymetry/). In the image, pinger hearing location published by Xinhua News Agency (Latitude: -250, Longitude: 1010) is marked with with a yellow cross and assuming a +/- 0.50 uncertainty in both latitudes and longitudes, a red-colored circle has been drawn indicating the possible location of MH370.
    2. Since the plane is possibly in a trough in the red circle, possible areas for such troughs are also indicated in green colored circle or by free hand enclosed shape.
    3. Further,
         a) After evaluating the trough slopes to be continuously falling with 15 degrees
         b) Heavy weight of plane; nearly 200,000 Kg
         c) Smooth exterior of plane (assuming it is still intact as no proven debris has been found so far!)

    One can reasonably doubt that the plane has by and by moved towards the Brouwer trough centre in the initial few minutes of incidence.
    4. Black-colored free hand mark indicates most possible location of the plane in concurrence with the said trough.


    Why this signal was not heard before:


    1. Most of the focus so far has been on the other possible flight path while defining search area.
    2. Earlier found derbies were located close to each other in locations that were though close to each other but relatively at a reasonable distance from this red colored zone. This has set the focus of search operation far from this area in the very initial phase.


    Why heard signals are possibly from MH370 pingers:


    1. Same frequency of 37.5kHz as specified to be emitted by Black Box pingers.
    2. Consistent receival of this signal for nearly ninety seconds: 90 times repitition of the same signal is not a coincidence at all. This rules out the possibility that it is originated from some sea animal.
    3. The location (Latitude: -25, Longitude: 101) of the ping heard is in no conflict with of the two the possible flight paths estimated so far.
    4. Possible debris has also just been found at a distance of nearly 90 kms from the same place.


    Possible reasons for just 1.5 min hearing signals:


    1. Red colored area has a number of troughs, and that too deep ones (with a depth of six to six and a half kilometers) that can hide plane to such an extent that a sailing ship or even an umbilical cord connected device can sense it for a very short duration while traversing.

    Note: Undersigned has been following the story right from the beginning and had volunteered on CNN referred MH370 search portal tomnod.com by searching more than 26.5 sq.km of ocean surface in search area. This report has been written with good intentions and for the service of humanity. Hopefully, it will be helpful in reaching the facts a little bit earlier. CNN is requested to make necessary amendments before publishing it.


    Muhammad Ahsan Ali,
    Electrical Engineer.

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