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    Feelings, Or Simply Girl Power?


    By: Kenneth Stepp


    As many know, I have been on quite a journey. From my romantic relationships, friendships, etc. To my entire belief system. It has rocked the foundation of who I am. But even more importantly, how I see others. There are some that at one time, were heroes in my eyes. Today they appear to be something far less admirable. Even more troubling, I am seeing me in a much different light. More complex than I once thought possible.


    It seems I have the ability to love much deeper and unrestrained than ever before. Although the darker side of that may have increased capacity as well. So, is all this real, or as Ebeneezer Scrooge would ask. Simply something I ate before going to bed last night?


    Now, I am faced with “feelings”. It doesn’t matter who you are. Feelings are real world to all of us. And yes, they can fool anyone. You can absolutely know something, beyond any doubt is real, even though, it isn’t. You can be 100% convinced that something happened, that never did. It’s feelings. They run roughshod over logic all the time. Keeping them in check can be a full time job. The greater your imagination, the more difficult it is to discern real from feelings.


    Yesterday, because I tend to use too much logic, am scattered, have profound ADD, and am simply “a guy”. I hurt two people’s feelings without even having known. Both mean a great deal to me. Both are female. Meaning I will never understand them. As a man, I am but a simple creature. Food, shelter, my truck, and sex. Well, I’m a happy camper. But the quantum physics, neuroscientific data, and mathematical wonderment that is the female mind, escapes me. We mere men are unarmed in this world when it comes to the female psyche.


    Don’t get me wrong. I want to understand them. But, I find understanding where the multiverse began, world peace, consciousness, and quantum mechanics is child’s play by comparison. They are so complex. Why? Because of feelings silly. We men only think we have feelings. It is only a working theory. But it is thought in many scholarly circles. That if a man were to suddenly be endowed with a girl’s feelings, that this is where “spontaneous combustion” comes from. Thus solving yet another mystery.


    Moving forward with this thought, let me wrap it up and tie a bow on it. What have I learned from all of my “pondering” on the female mind? I have learned that they are far too complex to understand. I have learned to nod my head in agreement more. I have learned that if I want to have a relationship of any kind that I give up my right to be righ, and am happy to do so. What I have not learned, and I believe never will, is that girls are not understandable unless you are in fact, a girl. Something I will never be. Most of the most important people in my life are girls. Not because I understand even a small percentage of what makes them tick. But, because they care enough about me to overlook the fact that while they are a delicate, intricate, work of art, and I am a blob of nothingness, just wanting to be loved. They allow me to remain in their orbit. They amaze me. No doubt. They always will.



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