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    Keep Lexi Ray Smiling

    I began my CNN adventure just over a year ago, and to say it has been interesting would be a huge understatement.

    I first decided to post my story about anxiety with the hopes to help people, and from what I can gather, it did. It was featured on the front page of cnn.com, and with that the level of response that achieves, one can only say, "wow".

    A few months ago I vowed to never post to CNN again after one of my articles garnered a huge response. It was a negative response. It wasn't the negativity that made me shy away from the site, but the fact that something I had written hurt people. This was not okay, and I was not proud of its affects.

    Today, I return. I return because something has caught my attention that tells me I need to do everything in my power to draw attention to it.

    A little girl named Lexi Ray.

    I ask you to take a moment to think back to your childhood. Remember those careless days of running around, playing sports, being well, a kid? Lexi has been robbed of this.

    I've never met Lexi, but the thought of any child not being able to partake in what we all take for granted as the simplicities of childhood is painful to me.

    Lexi, sadly, has little hope of being an average kid. But she does have hope of getting closer to it.

    Her family is holding an event this week in hopes to raise enough money to buy her a new hip.


    I suppose that one of the reasons I'm so taken back by this is that such a daunting task has never occurred to me in my life, I can't imagine.

    It grips me even more because even through this deep fog, Lexi continues to smile. And smile big.

    Because of her smile, I have become determined to do anything in my power to help her and her family. And if I have to make my return to CNN just to boost that a little, so be it.

    Join me in helping to spread Lexi's smile. It's an infectious smile, and I assure you that broadening it will contribute to your own.

    This little girl needs us.

    I understand if we can't all afford to give. But someone you know might be able to. So I encourage you to share, like, tweet or anything you can do.

    People matter. Please let Lexi matter to you!

    Visit http://www.gofundme.com/7nsw8w

    And keep Lexi Ray smiling!
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