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    The religions problems with young people.

    The problems of religions and young people.
    In the time we are a child, we are listening to our parents and later to our teachers. But sometimes they do not have the same ideas and so the young people got totally confused. The father had different religion as the mother and the teacher in the schools also have different religions or they do not believe in any religions and they are atheists or totally secular. Now the children have different information and different ideas from different people in his/her mind.
    Khayyam a Persian poet said, as God created people in his own image, so the people should be like God and controlled totally by him. He says in different religious books that he knows everything, he knows about future and past and now also. He knows even what is in the human being minds. And everything in the world is just acts as he commands. So Khayyam said to the God you have such a huge power and you command the whole world, you give me the way that you wanted, and later you said why I went that way. The whole world is in your hand and you manage everything in the world.
    He also says that we cannot know everything and our discussion is worthless as we die and the life is worthless, only in the moment we live we should have love and peace. As the end of the world, our life is nothing and we die. So be happy with whatever you have and just enjoy the short life. Or few years we were students and learn very well to be professor, and for a short time we were happy to be a professor, but look what had happened at the end to us. We died and buried on the earth dust. We came from dust, and we went back to the dust.
    With other words, he says we had passed so many difficulties until we learned and got a mastery of some sort of knowledge and then we got a professor degree and thought the young people, but see what had happened to us at the end we died and got dust and nothing again.
    In the Bible, the Adam and Eva story should belong to the Jew and Arab, because in that time and later all other nations and races had different religions and were after different idea. The Believe of God in the Bible and the 6000 years of its time should be concerned the Jew and their cousins Arabs.
    6000 years ago in the time that Adam and Eva created, in China, Africa, Australia, Newlands, America and even in Europe and part of Middle East were different Ideas and different philosophy for life and different believes and different religions. The Greeks and Romans had their own gods and their mythologies were completely different as Jew and later Arabs. From the point of Science, they could not be children of Adam and Eve or? The distances between continents were huge, with the type of possibilities for travels they had and they even did not know that other continents and other nations are there and existing. Even their neighbors of them Persian and Parthian Empires were Zoroastrians. They came from the same Adam and Eva, so all of them should have the same religion and the same idea or?
    With other words, Adam and Eve from point of science view could not be the parent of all human beings or? And science also says that the human being existence is much more than 6000 years. The Adam and Eve should be only for binging of a certain time for Jew and Arabs. They were both the children of Abraham, Ishmael, and his half brother the father of Israel.
    The God create Adam and Eve, he knew that they will eat the fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden. Why he put the tree there and why he put the tree in the middle of the Eden Garden?
    The creation and the world are so mysterious and the science cannot solve the problems we have. The scientists could not prove that there is no creator and everything came by itself and accidently. It should be something behind this, a very intelligent creator. Maybe somebody or something is behind this creation from other planets, the aliens. Or the creator God did it, but we cannot see him/her.
    All religions and all good philosophers tried to find a way to made human being happy and nice. Persian philosophy says if the human being love each other and be nice to each other, they can see God or their creator. Just imagine, if we gather all our money, power, time and possibilities to be united and to love each other as Jesus told us, there will be no problems in the world any more or? Scientists say, only California can feed the whole world without any problems, so there should be no hungry person in the world.
    The word Satan or God can be bad or selfishness people and good people. The people who are engaged with power, money, bribes, greed, hate, false proud, cruel and… are Satan’s or Satan flowers. And the people who believe in pure love, are really friendly, tolerate, generous and just and… are the God’s flowers. Imagine if we spent all trillion dollars, trillions Euro and other monies for hate and war, spending these amount for love and just and help the people, we will have no terrorist and no unhappy people and no poor people in the whole world.
    Our governments are fighting against terrorists and kill them and pay trillion dollars for this business. But they never think why there should be a terrorist at all? Terrorist roots are ignorance and lack of education or hate pushing to them by stupid religious clergies. Clergies, who are seeing if the people get good educations do not pay them anymore, try to save the position. They do not want to lose easy money that they got from heading their religions. They live with the business of hate. Just like the business people who made trillion dollars by selling weapons. If the war stopped and nobody fights, who will buy a bomb for one million dollars?
    Greedy people want to sell also their drugs to be rich and powerful, if the girls and boys or people do not buy their drugs for millions of dollars how can they be so rich and have so many possibilities to have nice women and nice life, with costs of other people lives.
    Religions with all its teaching of good thinks could not bring peace in the world. We saw the fight between Christian Catholic and Protestants in the Middle Age, many innocent people are killed and executed by them. The existence of huge fighting performed between Moslems Shia and Sunnis. The hate performed between Moslems, especially leaders of Moslems and clergies and Baha’is. The killing of more than 30,000 Babbi and Baha’is happened in the recent days in Iran. The hate between Baha’is and Moslems since then is destroying the humanity and also costs a lot of money and a lot of lives will be destroyed completely. The numbers 30,000 people are just killed in Iran recently, but more than millions lost their work, jobs, and families and faced a lot of problems and difficulties.
    A lot of students of mine have suicide in the USA, because they could not adjust themselves with different cultures and different society or environment. They were all victim of religions.

    Generally if you are weak and have problems, the people attack you easier and more. In the time you are powerful and or rich; the people generally respect you and are careful with you. Sorrowfully minorities are always the target of teasing. You are from other country, the people do not know you, and they are very careful with you. You do not have friends as you had in your country. You grow there and you had friends from elementary school, high school and universities. But here is different, the people afraid to be close to you and you cannot have the same friends as you had in your original country. You do not know the way of life here and the system, so you make a lot of mistake just by not knowing the system. Even the religious people say to you the Job had difficulties, so you should have, too. The people robe you and the police do not take you seriously. The people misuse you and the government or the system is ignoring you, because you are not born here.
    You have accent and the people do not take you seriously and you cannot get the job, because your language and your accent is not the same and regular ones.
    For example in Iran there is inflation and the bank does not give any loan like here. You want to buy a house in Iran; you should have all your money cash. You got a check, the bank help you to find the person who wrote the bad check, in Iran. The court system is easy, you can write your situation to the court and they consider it and give you answer and sort of help is provided for you. Or you pay bribe and they help you. In the court everybody help you and give information and legal advice, you do not need an attorney. But here, the bank gives you a lot of loan in the hope to get a lot of interest. The people give you checks and the sheriff says you should start with the court and the court says go to the attorneys or sheriff office. The attorneys take a lot of money and do not act properly. Your house is robbed the police does not take any serious action. You have a lot of checks, the people who wrote the checks do not pay, and the bank does not care and does not help you. The police and the sheriff are so indifferent and because they have their salaries and they are not robbed, so they do not care.

    Insurance companies took a lot of money in the time you made good money, but now the economy is down and your house or business is damaged by water, they do not pay. You write to governor, congressman, senators and… all of them ignore you. And some people say why you do not go back even you are American on the papers. That is why a lot of students of mine killed themselves. You can imagine the life is so hard that two nice children of the king of Iran, both young and beautiful killed themselves. Why, because they were maybe ignored, and should experience a lot of problems.
    If we did listen to Jesus as he said, love each other as I loved you. He and his mother may have also a lot of problems with the people. He had no father and he was not rich as you know he slept on the roads. You know as a fatherless person he should have a lot of problems even as a child with other children. But his teaching is marvelous and if the people just act after his teaching, most problems in the words will disappear. Alone pure love to people general can release us. Zoroastrian prophet told us the same, act good, think good and speak good.
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