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    Posted April 6, 2014 by
    UDUPI 576101, India
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    Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

    Located - exact crash site




    From, R M SHIRI,  UDUPI 576101 Karnataka I


    I think , I have located the crash site of the missing flight MH 370 with exact map coordinates and also 5 very clearly visible and identifiable major sections of the plane including discoloured  and flattened nose cone, two 26 meter long wings ripped open and burnt in possible fire and explosion of the jet fuel stored in tanks inside, and  full length of the lower section of fuselsage (total length 60 mtrs)  cut into two pieces in the crash,  in the Tomnod Crowd Sourcing maps dated 17th March..The upper section of the fuselage appears to have been completely blown off into pieces in the explosion. The measurements and shapes of  all these sections match perfectly with those of  the respective sections of the missing Boeing 777 though some of them appear bigger than their original size due to the impact from the explosion. All these are floating on the sea in an area of just around 25 sq kms, and the entire area is teeming with debris of different shapes and sizes upto 20 mtrs, which cannot be identified as they are floating just below water The nose cone, forward section of the fuselage and one of the wings are floating within a distance of 400mtrs from each other.                         


                          Location of all these debris in such a small area cannot be a coincidence. It appears from the color and the jagged edges of the identified debris that there was a fire and explosion in the plane in mid air. The map coordinates of the site is lat.7.48 78 5 N  long 109.62 25 44.E .The most surprising aspect is that the plane crashed not in the South Indian Ocean, where the desperate search is going on, but In the South China Sea, the original search area, 400kms southeast  of  Vietnamese Coast , 600 kms northeast of Malaysia and to the east of the intended flight path of the plane. It is just 100 kms southeast from the oil rig (coordinates 8.22 30 23  108.42 22 25) from where Mike McKay ,the New Zealand worker, claimed he saw the burning jetliner in mid air for 10 seconds He was right in his meticulous observations.

                       There appears to be a slip-up in interpreting the data from the military radars of Malaysia and the Inmarsat satellite. An intensive search is going on tn the South Indian Ocean, with new  leads emerging everyday, for debris which simply are not there. The plane definitely went down In South China Sea and the conclusive proof by way of over 10 satellite images are attached to this report. Though at first look, the  fuselage sections look like fishing boats with cabins, a closer look at the enlarged images in Photoshop confirms they are nothing but lower sections of the fuselage with burnt cabin-like structures on them which are the closed compartments  that house luggage holds. powergenerators, A/C units, battery banks, undercarriages and so on . The total length of the two fuselage sections now found is 60 meters, which matches with the length  63 meters of Boeing 777 200 plane's  fuselage minus the tail section. The entire upper passenger cabin section and the tail section appear to have been completely blown off into pieces in the explosion. The black boxes  may be still there in the rear fuselage section.

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