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    What Is Love? Emotion? Feeling? Or Something Else?

    By: Kenneth Stepp

    This morning has already been an interesting day. And all before 7:00 AM too. Sitting in my den. It’s dark outside and the rain is pouring loudly. There is something magical to me about the sound of rain. Of course. I am not in rush hour traffic enjoying it. For that reason. I am happy to be a writer. This setting has caused me to regress to my thoughts from last week. What is love?

    As anyone can see. I am completely obsessed with love. Real, unconditional, forever love. It can be wrapped up in anything. Romantic love, parental love, brotherly love, etc. Love is, in my opinion, always the same. The only difference in the variations that we label it with, is context. Moving forward with this thought. What is love? Again, that is the most important question a person can ever answer.

    I have loved and lost time and time again. By the world’s standards at least. But, I believe I really haven’t ever lost. Only loved. You see, at least for me. Love is forever. I have told only a few outside of my family, “I love you”. Two, it really was not love at all. It was emotion, a feeling, or something unknown that motivated those words. Real love. The love that causes one to say, “God is love”. That is real love. And that is forever.

    Love has no space or time constraints. I have gone over twenty without seeing or speaking to someone I truly love with all my heart. Yet when we speak, it is right there, no different or no less than the day love became love with them. I would lay my life down for her and be honored to do it. This is not a feeling or an emotion. This love is it’s own entity. It lives and when allowed, it live in us. This, I believe is the mystery of love that has befuddled me for so long.

    It has been overwhelming for me to finally understand that love is more than my feelings. It explains so much for me. Love is beyond myself. I believe Mother Teresa understood this when she wrote my favorite quote in the world. “You can’t love them, if you judge them”. I find when I judge, I look at a person’s situation, actions, visage, or something else. So, because I see all these things, I never really see the person. The person is so much more important than these things. Does this make me vulnerable? You better believe it. But to show love, because God is love, is to have the only real Godly trait we, as humans are capable of.

    To judge, is to be devoid of love. Thus, being “ungodly”. For my Fundamentalist friends that would ask “What would Jesus do”? Here is your answer. Instead of pointing out the things you deem wrong (homosexuality, Liberal, Muslim, etc). Look at the human you have been asked to simply love beyond you. Love changes lives. Judging only causes pain and divides us from one another. Love is a healer, it means accepting without terms or conditions. Love to me, means everything I value is made of flesh and blood. Not, wood, metal, or concrete. Use things, love people. It’s an awesome concept. With love, we can enjoy life, not just endure it.

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