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    Posted April 8, 2014 by
    Kansas City, Missouri

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    Apparently No One Cares for Homeless Animals..


    I posted a story and poll on here last week hoping I would receive comments and responses to help a local animal shelter to raise some funds to help the animals... I said that I would personally donate .10 cents to the shelter for every comment received on the article. I even emailed THE SHELTER, and even they have not responded!. I can't believe the apathy of people.. Only 17 people have even read the article, and I have only 2 comments.. Those are from my friends and family only.


    It's SAD that I am volunteering to spend my own money on a fundraiser for homeless animals, and I get almost no help or comments from others on CNN. If even those 17 people had said something in response, I would contribute at least $1.70 to the shelter.. This story is not about me.. It's about the animals that need homes. Everywhere I go, I see people texting, tweeting, yacking and sharing stuff on their iPhones,, Why can't at least a few of you take a minute to care about the animals that need homes? I thought this idea might catch on and get some respones, especially since I was the one footing the final bill...


    Well, forget it, if you all are so cheap, and self-absorbed to not take a minute to read and comment on my story, I'm going to pledge $50.00 at least to the shelter.


    And SHAME on the shelter itself for not even acknowledging my attempt to raise money for them... I sent them an email when I started this campaign, and they have not even said "HI" or "Thank You" .. What is wrong with this sad world..??


    After all is said and done, May God bless the homeless animals after all, because the humans in charge are obviosly all distracted by other more important activities like watching "Dancing With The Stars" or texting while driving..


    Sorry if I sound cynical, but I am.. I think our world is falling apart and the hopeless animals are paying the price for it all, while we humans are focused on our own problems and needs, while they languish in agony in shelters.. Who cares??


    I do.. Do you??

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