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    Posted April 7, 2014 by
    District of Columbia
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    Communicating through autism

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    Autism Speaks

    I have spent a great many hours on trying to share what I've learned along the way as I sought to explain my allergy which it turns out isn't just my allergy but everybody's allergy.

    The entire population on this planet is physically allergic to all of the toxic chemical additives that are pushed onto everyone from every possible direction.

    Last week after I sent an email to Dr. Paul Wang, Vice President of Research at Autism Speaks. He wanted to hear my theories on the cause of Autism.

    I tried to explain how it all works to him and I think he got most of it. It's not just something that can be explained in a few emails because every facet of what each of the additives does something different to every one of us. Primarily we all have an anaphylaxis type of reaction to the dyes and that masks what the other additives do. You can imagine that the Formaldehyde, Cyanide and lye in EDTA would cause a more severe reaction which in fact it does.

    My wife and I got away from everything, but it is so difficult to keep away from everything I can see now that the only way this will ever work is if we make it stop.

    You know what it is so stop buying it. The corporations claim that they are responsible, so if they truly are responsible than first let them claim this and let them own it.

    I'm not going to sit by and be sick and tired because of what they are doing to everyone.

    This is MY AMERICA and I want MY AMERICA to be a strong America and right now, America is not strong, it is sick and tired and fat and not lazy but unable to move because of the devastation caused by the corporations use of toxic chemical based artificial colors, flavors and preservatives that should not be consumed by anyone who has any sort of desire to live.

    Roughly 15000 children are lost to SIDS each year. Can anyone grasp the reality that something like the chemical additives could be responsible for all of those deaths?

    I most certainly can and have.

    When I stopped consuming the poisons, I woke up and became who I am today. I see what happened to me and what is happening to everyone and the worst part about it is that the worst things are happening to our children.

    And our parents and grand parents.

    The medical industry makes a fortune off of the problems that are caused by the additives that the medical industry approved for human consumption by way of the FDA.

    I spoke at an FDA hearing in 2012?

    I was only able to say I can't take excedrin because it gives me a migraine headache. I later sent 4, or 5 pages I wrote to them.

    I sat there and saw all these people who have logged thousands of hours throughout their lives being educated and becoming doctors and professors and I wonder what happened to them?

    What happened their ability to reason? Their ability to think in a rational manner?

    What happened to the idea that humans should not consume known carcinogens like petroleum based coal tar, formaldehyde and the dozens of toxic chemicals we are all exposed to every day.

    I know this is the cause of autism, alzheimers and more and I CAN prove it. But nobody will give me the chance to do it.

    And those who could give me that chance... are afraid that I will prove it.

    If I figure out the cause of autism, the medical industry will lose out on billions and trillions of research dollars.

    And Autism will go on and on and on. Everybody will have Alzheimers because the flu vaccines all contain formaldehyde.

    Alzheimers is autism for old people.

    Help me stop this. it must stop now!
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