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    Some Essential Facts to Know about Gelatine Free Marshmallows


    There is hardly anyone who does not like the sweet taste of marshmallows. Though these fluffy, puffy, sugary candies are perfect for your camping trips, hot cocoa or coffee and desserts, but these foods are not healthy. If we eat these sweet and sugary treats occasionally, our health might not face any problem but regular intake of these candied delights may cause our health to suffer. Contrary to popular belief, marshmallows do not contain fat but these foods contain a lot of sugar. These sweet foods make a popular and yummy dessert choice and if you can limit the intake of marshmallows, you will be able to cut off a lot of illnesses and diseases.


    If you swear by marshmallows and cannot imagine your life without them, you can think of buying gelatine free marshmallows. Some marshmallow manufacturing companies do prepare these stuffs that are essentially gelatine free and also purely vegan. The marshmallows of these companies are purely cut and packed by hand and they make sure to use the best sugar and only the finest flavouring keeping their buyers’ health in mind. These companies also take utmost care in delivering excellent products as per their customers’ expectations and requirements. Also looking for purely vegetarian marshmallows that are gelatine free and are certified as non-gmo and animal free are the best ones for your health. You may also try these sweet delights that are labelled as wheat free, dairy free and also soya free.

    There are many vegetarian marshmallows UK online shops that sell marshmallows. You can buy these candied foods from reputed online shops that have been in business for quite some time. Also you should remember that word of mouth plays an important role in buying products online, and this is especially applicable while you are shopping food products. By depending on word of mouth, you would be able to contact the best online seller who is reputed for selling good quality and fresh handmade marshmallows. Another important thing to consider is the packing the company uses. It should be safe for both, the environment and your health. There are many online shops that sell marshmallows in a wide number of flavours.


    You can enjoy the taste of toasted coconut, blackberry lavender, lemon and honey, banana chocolate chunk, toasted coconut chocolate chunk, banana split, vanilla bean, caramel swirl and a host of others. The fat free marshmallows are also available in flavours like gingerbread spice, lemony meringue, pepper mint, pumpkin pie, cinnamon and many more. Make sure that the online shop has a good reputation in the market by browsing through customer’s opinion and feedback sections. Also you can check out three or more websites to see the different varieties of marshmallows and also the prices to have the best deal. Avoid risks by secured payment service which is the safest way for online payment and transfer of money. Also make sure that your online purchase is assessed with secure connection.


    The vegan marshmallows UK shops sell purely vegetarian marshmallows that are free from any animal products. You can also visit the candy shops physically and have a taste of these yummy delights yourself. These are perfect for gifting to your special friends and relatives, a sister who stays away or a brother who is still studying in a school. But there is no denying the fact that marshmallows are a favourite with everybody, young or old. A box of these sweet treats would unfailingly bring smile on the face of the one who will receive it. You can make someone’s day by sending across bags or pouches or gift boxes filled with these sweet candies. Marshmallows make every moments delightful. Just curl up in your favourite couch with a packet full of these candies and you will have a blissful time.


    Some essential facts to consider:


    1. Though marshmallows are hard to resist, it is important to know that one regular marshmallow would contain about 4 grams of added sugar. These candied food items have no vitamins and minerals and are not considered as nutritious food.


    2. If you cannot resist the temptation of marshmallows, you can consider sprinkling three or four miniature pieces in your bowl of fresh fruits. This will help you to have the desired nutrition as well the taste that you crave for.


    3. Marshmallows contain very high percentage of sugar. If you eat a lot of them, you are just satisfying your hunger and craving but it would not help to meet your daily nutrition intake. Moreover, high intake of sugar robs the calcium from body since our body uses calcium to digest sugar.


    4. It is known fact that eating candies to a great extent would lead to cavities in your teeth and can also diabetes. A lot of sugar would also lead to heart disease and obesity.

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