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    Posted April 8, 2014 by
    Watertown, New York
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    Obama's Compromises Lead to a 42% Approval Rating? Who's Left That Approves?


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     Liberty1955 told me, 'I spoke out because I'd like to see President Obama get some of what I believed he stood for accomplished and for all his compromises with the GOP, they haven't like him one bit more so why does he continue to try with this party?'
    - hhanks, CNN iReport producer

    President Obama has a 42% approval rating. When you try to please both sides, you end up pleasing no one.
    Obama's made a critical misjudgment which has left many progressives shaking their heads and Democratic mid-term candidates worried.
    Does Obama know that he'll never get approval from the Right? Ever?
    Yet we see him constantly court their favor as he disses the progressive and labor movements.
    Progressives feel 'taken for granted'. Obama appears to have fully embraced the 'Washington Consensus despite what he says he's in favor of for the middle class, he has used the GOP as spoilers while working to cut middle class programs in the name of 'getting something done."
    Workers would rather see nothing done than what this president has done in the name of accomplishing something.
    Instead, Obama appears to take his orders from the International Monetary Fund's Christine Lagarde and the World Bank rather than circumstances facing the U.S. middle class.
    The U.S. policy makers, both Democrats and Republicans, have been allowing the out sourcing of American jobs, and manufacturing so that the rest of the World can be brought up to America's level.
    Our lifestyles and living standards are being given to India, China, and other developing countries while we do without here in the U.S.
    This is the New World Order many fear and it's hiding right in plain sight as we're sold out by both parties of big business.
    The IMF is a believer in the Washington Consensus too.
    But they don't take into consideration people's needs. All they are interested in is a balanced budget and a World without tariffs for the international corporations.
    Capital already seeks the highest return in places that offer the lowest wages or regulations and protections for workers.
    Workers aren't a factor in the IMF's view of our World. In fact, workers are no more than fixtures and the poor are just a nuisance and unnecessary expense.
    Start taking a stand for what's correct and you'll regain the 20% in approval you lost when the Liberal side of your support left you, Mr. President.
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