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    Posted April 9, 2014 by
    Escanaba, Michigan

    Reason for jobless rates

    SIMPLE STUPID!!!!!!!

    I watch on CNN and they talk about how they do not understand why people who have been out of the work force for a while or have a hard time finding work or give up all together. Then there are federally funded programs like MSHDA or HUD, and they penalize you for working. People either have rent paid in full and if they start working their rent obligation increases so much that they can not afford to live where they are or they have to quit or move. Then there is the fact that every kind of help you get basis your needs on your Gross income when people have circumstances where ther net Income is so much lower than their Gross income. If you Gross say $500 and child support takes say half, thats $250 net, then what ever else is taken out like taxes so now you are only taking home what $175- $200. THATS A HELL OF A DIFFERANCE FROM A GROSS INCOME OF $500 down to $175-$200 and that is being conservative for most people. Our government is set up in such a way that they low income people can not ever get ahead.. Come on people GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR.......well you know. I think a good place to start is by looking at peoples NET income not GROSS income. SIMPLE STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey people I dont say much on here, but its time to start. I am curious how many other oeople that the NEW MSHDA and HUD regulations are affecting. The new policies change occupancy levels on families. I am a single father raising my daughter by myself. The new policies state that since my daughter and I live alone we will have to sleep in the same bedroom because we only qualify for a 1 bedroom. Many families in the apartments that I live in are loosing their apartments because of rental assistance and occupany levels. You all need to take stock in this because IT WILL TRICKLE DOWN TO EVERYONE OF YOU. Look around people their are not too many one bedroom apartments that are MSHDA approved and with the decrease in assistance means more people will need cash assistance to survive. WHAT THIS ACUALLY WILL LEAD TO IS LESS AND LESS ASISTANCE, because of the amount of families who need assistance.Apartment communities who have funding through things like MSHDA,HUD or section 8 will no longer be able to provide rental assitance through these channels.. This is going to have a domino effect and will lead to loss of community assistance. The new regulations are to help the homeless in the bigger cities of Michigan, but at the same time is GOING TO CHOKE US OUT IN THE UP. I ask and encourage everyone to rise against this. If we join together we can stop this IT IS THE ONLY WAY.For starters please like and share this post and the one I posted yesterday entitled SIMPLE STUPID!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!
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