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    Posted April 9, 2014 by

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    Women Get Lower Pay Because Corporations Violate Free Speech


    President Obama will sign an executive order to help equalize pay for women in the workplace. The order is similar to the Paycheck Fairness Act which Republicans in Congress have refused to pass.


    In short, the Act makes it possible for employees to discuss with each other their pay rate compared to others in a company. Today, many companies ban employees from discussing their pay with other employees.


    This brings into question, why?


    The only answer I can see is that companies don't want employees finding out that they pay different people different rates for the same work and job. Women unfortunately are the ones that suffer the brunt of these policies and they still only get 77 cents for each dollar a man earns for the very same job.


    In essence, it allows companies to legally practice discrimination.


    But even more disturbing is the fact that these same companies have somehow decided that they have the legal right to violate the Constitutions' provision of free speech.


    Employees privately discussing pay rates in the privacy of their own homes with each other IS free speech. I can find no reason at all what harm can come to ANY company if people talk about pay other than it sheds light on the fact they are screwing women over, and I'm sure other employees.


    Because these policies lead to women being exploited, and have been for centuries, it's in the best interest of women to file as many lawsuits as functionally possible against companies that have these policies. For not only discrimination, but a violation of their free speech rights.


    The Republicans in Congress for the most part oppose transparency to get rid of once and for all discrimination against women. Why this party continues to discriminate and abuse the rights of women is beyond me. But once again, they will shove millions more into the Democratic party for doing so.

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