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    Concentrated Wealth Destroys Life On Earth


    65 million years ago was the last mass extinction event on earth. Only a handful of species survived. Most scientist are in agreement that an asteroid collision with the earth was the culprit. Natural phenomenon has been the cause of every mass extinction on earth except for one. The latest one.


    Not just the vast majority of scientist, but the extreme vast majority of scientist are also in agreement that the current mass extinction event is 99% caused by the activity of man.


    What's called the background rate of extinction is what is known as the natural extinction rate of life on earth. That rate is 1-5 species per year. Today we are at 1000-10000 times that rate.


    Habitat loss is the primary reason for most of the species loss today. Habitat that has been either destroyed or taken over by man. In all cases, this habitat loss is directly related to resource gathering by man for wealth.


    Contrary to what many believe, resource gathering for survival is NOT the cause. Humans remained relatively at peace with their species counterparts for ten of thousands of years.


    It's not until recently, until the concentration of wealth, power and the gathering of resources for wealth and power that the balance of life has been so throw of course.


    In short, capitalism, which to function requires that more and more and more resources are developed for larger and larger and larger markets to be developed. If markets don't expand, capitalism fails right in it's tracts.


    There is a obvious dilemma here. The earth only has limited resources. Eventually markets can no longer expand because there simple isn't enough resources to keep expanding with.


    Indeed, the quest to concentrate wealth and resources are the objectives of capitalism. To become as wealthy as possible, To control as many resources that are not needed to actually live happily. Does someone REALLY need 100 billion dollars worth of food, shelter and toilet paper to have a fruitful life?


    Amphibians, birds, fish, invertebrates, mammals, plant and reptiles are literally disappearing faster than at any other time in earth's geological history. This time however, it's us that are the cause.


    Capitalisms great failure is indeed that we destroy life, all life And at this rate most of life on earth, including ourselves one day. likely sooner than later.


    One day, long, long ago, someone decided they deserved more than the next guy, much, much, much more. That thought, called what it is.., "greed", is what is killing all life on earth.


    For a so called advanced species, our greed certainly makes us the dumbest animal to ever live on this planet.


    Does the quest for mans personal wealth REALLY destroy life on earth? The answer to that is obvious. The results of it are all around us.


    1-5 extinctions a year is the normal background rate of extinction. By the time you've completed reading this article, 1-3 species will have gone extinct. It's just a matter of time until it's us.


    All this because we've decided capitalism, the pursuit of personal wealth and taking far, far, far more than what is needed to live a good life has become the norm.


    Humans changin thier beliefs isn't needed. And most likely won't occur. Nature will change man, or exterminate the species, one way or another.

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