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    Christian God Never Existed. Never Will.

    God's have come and gone throughout human history. Countless numbers of them. They become popular, believed in, touted, used for personal gain and power, exploited then eventually forgotten and replaced. All of them, sooner or later.

    Some individuals are so adamant that their personal God exist, that their personal beliefs are true rather than anyone else’s, that they will murder others for believing differently. Indeed, hundreds of millions have been murdered in human history in the name of "God's".

    Most bloody of them all have been the Christians. They have murdered more people in the name of their God than any other religion in history. Collecting silver via slaves in S. America for.., "God". Crusading across the Middle East in the name of "God". Or simply putting people to death for not paying taxes in the name of the Christian "God" over many centuries.

    For the most part, not even a tiny, itty bity percentage of Christians have any clue about the religion they practice or the book they read. They are nearly all ignorant of the history, the people involved, the evolution of their religion. Sad really. Yet, they practice anyway and believe all the same in the face of near total ignorance.

    Most have no clue how many factions of Christianity there is. Catholics. Mormons. Protestants.., the list is vast. And they don't all agree on how things happen. But are all Christians. The Mormons believe in space ship like heaven while their book stats being black is a curse. Hmmm. I suppose Mormons pick and choose what they want to believe from their book. A pattern that seems to repeat itself with all Christians really.

    "Spare the rod spoil the child." Nearly all Christians believe this passage to be in the bible. It's a great example of how little they know of their own religion. This passage does not exist in the book.

    At the end of the day, the only way the average Christian can explain away all the countless discrepancies within their own religion and book is to use the catch all. It is all "Devine". Meaning, since they can't find an answer, they must insist you, and no one else can possible understand the "Devine".

    There is no changing a person who wants to believe in invisible things in the sky which is "Devine" and cannot be explained by anyone. In fact, the entire religion depends on that type of ignorance. So, some form of religion will always survive as long as people are that ignorant. Christianity and its God will eventually be replaced by another religion as it has always been with religions and Gods.

    Although Christ himself did exist on earth as has been recorded by historians, namely a Jewish historian working for the Roman Empire. Christ himself was functionally a Socialist. So are Capitalist sinners?

    The God of Christ known and believed in today never existed, never will. Christ himself was a Jew, not a Christian. Can't imagine how pissed off he would be to find people named a religion after him. The religion of Christianity once again will be replaced by something new someday. All these types of Gods and religions will come and go eventually. However, the one thing that will remain in place, is the ignorance of humans to believe in the next Big Thing "God" that you can truly count on.
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