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    Posted April 10, 2014 by
    Tucson, Arizona
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    9yrs old heart broken and lonely

    This story is about about a 9 year old girl who lost her mother the day before Christmas 12/24/14. At the time she was under the custody of her beloved father who recently passed away in 03/14 only 3 months after her mom passed. Paris is the child's name, which was living with her grandmother after the death of her father until today 4/10/14 she was taken from school by a CPS caseworker in Tucson,Az with accusations that the grandmother was not following caseworker rules. Which was Paris was not to be around any of her older siblings because they had arrest records. Mind you all the other siblings arrest records are either before they turned 18 and have been expunged or petty misdemeanors. Not to mention this child only have siblings as immediate family. I lost my grandmother 02/28/14 for me as a grown woman I still can't cope due to her being gone. So for Paris to have lost her mother and father at age 9 I can only sit and cry wondering how she must feel tonight. All alone in a foster agency because of a caseworker without a heart. I say this because if there was any reason other than the reason of her stating she can not be associated with the only family (siblings) that she has left what world do we live in? I was placed in a temp agency in Florida for just a few hrs due to my aunt disliking my mom version of a whooping. As an adult I stand by mom because I never been arrested or have a record. Though those few hrs in that temp agency was the scariest moments of my life. Let's just say you never forget moments like that. I wrote this story because Paris grandmother lost her daughter and now her grandchild. Not to forget Paris lost both her parents within months of each other deaths. If there is one person who hears this story that can help or change this situation. I beg of you send Paris back to her family! I'm not a family member but my grandson is Paris nephew he is only 1 at this time, they all have lost enough in this family. To continue to separate or displace this family only brings more heartache. Since Christmas this family have been in mourning and the struggle continues. Paris grandmother have suffered enough pain why is that anyone would put a family through this especially an elderly woman who may not have many yrs to come but until God say so she should be able to take care of her granddaughter as long as she willing and able. I was so mad and angry today I wanted to take justice in my own hands. Though God has a way of speaking to you and showing you a better way to handle evilness. Evilness is just what this is, so I ask you to share this story and if you who places this as a story for it to be known if you can get this family help and bring the happy back you have my email address. What would you want to happen if you or a family member loses birth parents and some random person steps in and snatched your family member away from everyone she knows! For some reason I received a text from a real close friend before all this was even brought to me the text read: To get where you want to be, you have to do something you never done! It I take that as to get something done you have to try almost anything! I trust that hopefully this caseworker get this message and look how she has made matters worst for all of us and find her heart wherever it is. Paris we all love you and we won't stop until you are back with us! For all families that have lost a love one rather it be death, drugs, or to adoption agencies or foster care put all faith in God to bring you out of your mourning, loneliness and pain faith is the substance of things hope for and the evidence of things not seen!
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