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    Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

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    When could Pilot suicide not be Pilot Suicide? - A hypothesis that fits

    When could Pilot suicide not be Pilot Suicide?
    - A hypothesis that fits

    First, let me point out that my intent is not to make any accusations, but simply to point out that, despite many experts discounting pilot suicide, that there is a suicide hypotheseis that fits. The following is that hypothesis.

    Despite the fact that the Pilot of MH370 had been dealing with dramatic personal issues, (his wife & 3 children left him in the days just prior the fateful flight), the authorities have all but ruled out "pilot suicide" because it didn't fit the usual M.O.
    As we've been told by "experts", pilot suicide is typically a deliberate "nose dive" straight into the ocean/earth. They further point out that MH370 apparently flew in such a deliberate state (Transponder off) and flight path(s) that masked most of the plane's actions from detection which, thye say, is not atypical of a pilot determined to commit pilot suicide.

    But there is one hypothesis I have yet to hear or see in the press which would explain such actions. Pilot suicide that is not ruled suicide. To wit, does the Pilot have a Life Insurance Policy? If so, who are the beneficiaries were and had he made any recent changes to it? "What?" you ask.

    Well think of it...according to news sources, after a recent rocky stretch in their relationship, his wife left his home, taking the 3 children with her and announced that she is leaving him for good. Agreed?
    This could be obviously be a trigger or stresser for such suicidal ambitions. Wife gone, kids gone (with wife) and suddenly distress, helplessness and despair could have set in so deeply that there wa sno other alternative, in his mind.

    But, as everyone knows, Life Insurance policies do NOT pay out in cases of suicide. But they DO pay out for most other causes of death, including death in an "accidental" plane crash. For instance, perhaps the Pilot flew stealthily for the intentional purpose of masking where the plane was heading, to intentionally create as much of a "mystery" around the plane's whereabouts and disappearance or crash. Perhaps even hoping that by aiming the plane directly toward one of the most difficult stretches of ocean on the face of the earth, knowing it would eventually run out of fuel and come to an abrupt rest at the bottom of the ocean in the middle of "nowhere". Again, hypothetically, he could have hoped that he hid the plane's actions so well, that by the time authorities found the plane, months or years later, if ever, that his Life Insurance policy would have long since paid out; Likely to his children. Hence, hoping for a pilot suicide that is not ruled a pilot suicide.

    It's not that far-etched and explains so many unanswered questions and explains the actions surrounding the transponder and 'hidden' flight path.

    MA USA
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