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    Naltrexone: A New Way to Treat Drug Addiction

    Addiction to opioids is one of the biggest problems in fighting drug and alcohol abuse. Opioids
    are drugs that results in dependency in a short period with fast and ravaging effects especially if consumed as hallucinogens. Opioids are also important for medicine because they can relieve pains. The drugs of this class work on the body functions and affect the brain as well. Used constantly, the drug can result to a dangerous addiction that sometimes leads to death.

    The Impact of Opioids
    The most popular opioids are heroin, morphine and strong pain relievers. There are 350 000 heroin addicted persons in USA, and on global scale, 21 million people are addicted to opioids.

    The increasing number of doctors prescribing opioids raised the number of problems in this field. Some doctors simply prescribe too much drugs, or the permissive laws in some US states allow them to do that. This leads to an increasing number of cases in which people die because of unintentional overdoses of prescription drugs.

    Treating Addiction
    Treating opioids addiction is difficult because the program must be a combination of physical and psychical methods. While medication is required, the lack of emotional support has oftentimes reduces chances of success.

    There are three main substances used to treat this type of drug addiction. The medicines currently available are mainly based on one of those, or on combinations between those:

    1. Methadone – It is the most useful treatment for heroine addicted patients. It works slowly on the brain by reducing the sensation of “high”. It is used since the 50’s, and it is still one of the best treatments available.
    2. Buprenorphine – it is a partial inhibitor of the effects of opioids. It induces withdrawal symptoms, and it is the first medical treatment that can be prescribed without the recommendation of a specialized institution. In other words, it can be prescribed by specialized medics directly, and this increases the access to this type of drug.
    3. Naltrexone – It is a modern treatment that is usually in combination with counselling. Vivitrol was approved by the FDA as a shot administered once a month, eliminating the need for daily treatment.

    Which is better?
    The effectiveness of each method depends on the patient’s response to the treatment and a doctor’s advice is necessary before choosing which treatment is best. All those medical substances are prescribed, depending on the state and on the dependency of the patient. However, Naltrexone is fast gaining popularity because it reduces the medication to minimum.

    For this program to work, a prescribed recipe based on Naltrexone products such as the one developed by BioCoRx, Inc. (OTCQB: BICX) is essential, as well as a program for rehabilitation.

    Is it safe?
    BioCoRx, Inc. (OTCQB: BICX) is a reputed company promoting only approved FDA medical treatments. The company’s drug abuse treatments are available only with prescription from trained and specialized doctors. Those doctors worked closely with the medical personnel to elaborate applicable recovery programs. BioCoRx’s Start Fresh Program is a result of this collaboration.

    Drug and alcohol abuse treatments are going to a modern phase that uses less and less pills. This stage complies with the requirement of modern medicine, and The Start Fresh Program is a part of this modern medical world.
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