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    Suicide, a gateway to happiness

    Not much of a story, just wanted to point out to the pig-eared degenerates that sit down at home watching the news involving places that aren't even in their country. and also everyone else in the world to know that my life in particular is crap. Sorry for the near-abusive language, I'm trying my best to keep the foul language to a minimum as you can see. Anyway, you probably think I'm an adult making this.. Nope. I'm a fifteen year old boy. I won't tell you my name for privacy reasons but the world would know my name soon enough in the press. Why do I want to commit suicide? Good question. How about making a restart button for life because surely this life is not what I wanted. Sure, life doesn't go the way we want it to sometimes but what I have is.. this is ridiculous. Every day when I wake up, I don't even expect to wake up I just do, thinking I'm in the netherworld. They say when you die you go to either Hell or Heaven.. I wouldn't mind going either places, Earth itself is Hell already and *some* people tend to bring heaven down on earth and it's nothing close. All I ever truly wanted was to be happy. I can be happy in death.
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