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    If You're 24 And Younger. I Know How You Will Die.

    That's a hell of a thing to say. That I know how the younger generation is going to die. However, my guess, based on current science, has a very good chance of being correct.

    It's likely not war, although that may be part of it. It's not likely famine, although that too will be part of it. It's not disease, but once again, that too will likely be part of it.

    Your parents, grandparents and older family likely does love you, and very, very much. Unfortunately, based on their behavior, they love their cars, energy consumption, cheap food, and way of life more than they love you. Cruel, but true for most.

    No, it most likely won't be any of those things directly. It will be the end effects of global warming.

    The United Nations Panel on Climate Change issued a report last week outlining the highly likely potential of severe effects in the near future of climate change. Still, Americans express little concern. About 1 in 3 are worried according to the latest Gallop poll figures.

    Politically, Democrats are the most worried with around half expressing deep concerns. Independents are about 1 in 3.5 and Republicans, less than 1 in 5.

    Yet even the young, the group most likely to suffer the greatest consequences of global warming are only deeply worried at a 1 in 3 rate.

    Education doesn't seem to be a factor either as those with a high school diploma or less are the most worried.

    Politics again is noted as the primary factor on how people are worried about the issue.

    Republicans and the information outlets they tend to watch provide a consistent message that global warming is either not real, or isn't human related. This has had a clear impact on what these people believe about global warming. For the most part, they deny it.

    97% of climatologist that were polled agreed that global warming today is caused by human activity, a vast majority. But here too politics plays a roll in the figures. Those opposed to the notion that global warming is caused by human activity, which is largely made up of Republicans in America, say that figure is categorically false. Yet that figure tends to be substantiated over and over again by the scientific community themselves. This too is denied by those who select not to believe in the science.

    So what's the end result of all this global warming in the future? No one really knows the extent exactly. But predicting what will happen is largely not only been accurate so far. It's been conservative, drastically underestimating the effects and how rapid they are occurring.

    It used to be thought that in 200 years or so global sea levels could rise 50-200 ft. Now, some estimates that are calculating the exponential acceleration of the effects place sea levels at 50 ft. possibly within 20-30 years. Even that may be a conservative figure. As each day passes, the faster the effects are increasing.

    The first gigantic problem with global warming is the water supply. Huge rivers like the Colorado in the US, the Ganges river in India, the Nile in Egypt and many, many others are simply going to dry up. Places like Phoenix, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, El Paso and many more will no longer be able to be sustained.

    This in turn will have a astronomical effect of food production. In fact, food production could be cut to one third of what it is today globally within 50 years.

    Sea level rising will literally engulf most all coastal cities and their infrastructure. Where 85% of the wealth of this country alone is generated, will be gone under trillions of tons of sea water.

    This will have an effect on the ability to produce energy, to transfer and ship goods, and so many other things. Don't bother going to the grocery store, there won't be anything there if there is a grocery store at all.

    Medicine and medical treatment will become the highest of luxuries, if it can be obtained at all. Medicines? Out of the question. They won't be available.

    People will be dropping like flies from heat stroke. Places like the American South West will see temperatures climbing into the 150-160 range during the day and 100-130 at night before too long. Hot enough to cook you where you stand.

    These will be only a few of the easy condition you'll face as the generation of those between 1 and 24 years of age in your lifetime. Things will get far worse later on.

    Indeed, I know how you'll die alright, and it is extremely sad. This because your parents, grandparents, family and those over 24 loved their way of life far more than they loved you and because there were some that decided that being in denial was the best way forward.

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