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    Executive Orders: Obama at bottom of list for last 100 years

    Recently, President Obama has been accused of acting "like a king or a monarch" by Kentucky Republican Rand Paul and being a dictator by North Carolina Republican Jeff Duncan: "We live in a republic, not a dictatorship". Republican Mike Huckabee recently said that Obama has "nothing but comtempt for the Constitution" and seeks to "trump ...the checks and balances of the power in which no branch could act unilaterally." Texas Republican Steve Stockman wants Obama impeached for his executive orders.

    These are some pretty intense allegation and condemnations of Obama for using the executive orders he has issued. So how does he compare to the rest of the Presidents in the last 100 years as to how many executive orders he has signed? Well, he's the very bottom of the list.

    In fact, every single Republican President in the last 100 years has signed and issued more. FDR signed the most. Then again he served 4 terms and oversaw WWII. 8 times more were signed by FDR than Obama. Nixon, Reagan, Bush I and II, Ford, and many more all signed more than Obama has.

    Ever more telling. The executive orders he has signed have been the most mundane in over 100 years as well having little effect compared to other Presidents.

    If Rand Paul can't even get these extremely simple and public facts straight, what facts would he get wrong if he were elected President? Maybe he'd think the Mexican's have developed 2000 nuclear warheads pointed at Kentucky?

    Facts: They seem to escape Republicans so often. But if they watch Fox News, it's no wonder they don't know what facts are... :/
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