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    1.     On 29 September 2013 an article written by Rex Jory of the Advertiser appeared. You can see some of that article here. It’s a common story. 2 AFL teams facing each other. Their mouths opening and closing to the music of “Advance Australia Fair” which no one knew the words to. 2.     Rex suggests that “Waltzing Matilda” is the unofficial anthem and I agree with that. An alternative suggested is “I Still Call Australia Home” – but since there are about 25 million of us living here that song hardly seems appropriate. 3.     How did we end up with “Advance Australia Fair” as our national anthem? Australia voted in 1977. The vote was rigged! Not intentionally – but that was the result. It asked what SONG Australians would like to have as their national song. 4.     There’s nothing more typically Australian than “Waltzing Matilda”. An unpretentious folk song about a country fella written by one of Australia’s greatest poets, Banjo Patterson. 5.     A story about a scalliwag, living the free life. Wandering the fabulous Australian bush. Stealing a rich squatters sheep for a feed. Taking his own life not to be captured by the police. 6.     So why wasn’t the song voted as the national song? Would you want those words sung at an international meet? They weren’t written as the words to our national anthem – it was written in 1895 – we weren’t even a nation then! 7.     But the music stirs every real Australians soul. 8.     Still in 1977 about a quarter of the people voted for it as our national song – words (or warts) and all. 9.     It would be a sin to use words with that song that weren’t the ones written by Banjo Patterson. 10.     We didn’t think about it back in 1977, but we don’t need to use the words for our national anthem – just the music! Spain’s national anthem doesn’t have any words. Most lyrics to national songs are embarrassing and outdated anyway. 11.     Watch people pretending to mouth words they don’t know to their national anthem. It’s just funny and sad. 12.     It’d be more typically Australian to have an anthem that’s our own private, in joke. Only we know what it’s really about. That would be the larrikinism that is Australia to have this as our national anthem. 13.     The music and the lyrics are not militaristic – they are stirring folk music.  They don’t talk about us being the best and kicking everyone’s arse. We don’t need that attitude in the world today. 14.     Our footballers, cricketers, tennis players and other sporting heroes can stand respectfully listening to this stirring music instead of making arses of themselves singing badly or just mouthing words they don’t know. They didn’t get onto those teams for their singing voices! 15.     So let’s change our national anthem to “Waltzing Matilda” – without the words! 16.     “Like” this video. Share this video with your friends. Tell them to “like” it and share it with their friends and let’s at last get the national anthem that we wanted from 1977!

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