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    Posted April 13, 2014 by
    Farmersburg, Indiana
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    Home Again - Right Where I Belong


    Wednesday,  April 9, marked an anniversary of sorts for me. It was two years ago  that day I was released from Regional Hospital in Terre Haute following  my lung surgery and a 14-day hospital stay.

    On  Tuesday, April 8, this week I was back in the office of Doctor Ajay  Deshpande for the third Tuesday in a row. I have been steadily going  downhill for the last month. Tuesday's visit resulted in what I had  feared would be the eventual outcome.

    I was readmitted into Regional.

    Finally after another five days, I was released around 8:30 p.m. Saturday, April 12.

    I  had a fever equivalent of 100 to 103 for most of the last month. My  breathing had become more difficult. Not only shortness of breath had  become the norm, but at times I struggled to breathe at all. Coughing  had increased. The mucus build-up had become choking. The pressure on  the airways had intensified.

    The  doctor had tried out-patient antibiotic treatment, increasing my  Prednisone intake and other medications. Nothing was working. The  solution was going back into the hospital for much stronger intravenous  antibiotic and a corticosteroid along with increased respiratory  nebulization, increased inhalation and stronger oral antibiotic.

    The  positive result was noticeable the very next day. At the same time the  blood cultures drawn on Tuesday evening revealed there was a possible  other issue hiding under the surface.

    This  time the concern was not in my lungs are airways. The CT-Scan revealed  what the doctor knew, it was my left, functioning lung having  bronchospasms.

    This time following a doppler test on Thursday, it was revealed a small blood clot hiding in my left leg.

    Up  until now, my conditions have remained stabilized and not  life-threatening. Even though it was touch and go two years ago with my  lungs.

    What  my varied conditions in addition to the respiratory problems did were  to destroy my quality of life. The lung surgery and subsequent treatment  have kept the respiratory issues in that vein, detrimental to life  quality.

    The  blood clot, however, is life-threatening. Fortunately it was discovered  in time. The new problem can be treated by a daily regimen of taking a  blood thinner.

    While  I had dreaded the thought of going back into the hospital, the journey  proved to be life-saving. A hidden, silent killer was found and  arrested.

    We  often complain when adversity faces us to find that the situation may  reveal mysteries not yet known. In my case going into the hospital for  treatment of bronchospasms, aggravated chronic bronchitis and flare up  of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) led to the discovery of a  yet to show signs or symptoms what could have been fatal.

    Now this Sunday, April 13, I am home again - right where I belong.

    My  medications have increased. My treatments have been upped. I have to be  more cognizant of more than just my  lungs, my Horton's Syndrome, my  chronic depression and the presumed ocular histoplasmosis syndrome  (POHS) robbing my sight.

    Now  I have to make sure I take my daily pill and watch for signs of  swelling, redness and soreness in my legs - especially my left leg.

    Such is life.

    As always I will adapt, adjust, persevere and keep moving onward and upward.

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