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    Posted April 13, 2014 by

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    Cairo mother of the world - a city with old culture and several problems


    Cairo a big city, which is loud, has a lot of traffic and old culture. When people think about Cairo, they think about the Tahrir Square & the politic situation, but they also think about the Nile and the Giza pyramids, which are next to Cairo.
    The politic situation of Egypt will reflect on the streets with the military and barb wire fences, especially in front of the Egypt museum and sometimes streets or the subway are close. Everyone will be checked on the way to shopping malls, train stations…
    Cairo has some problems. Dirt is one of them, everywhere is trash, but that is a country problem, for example in Alexandria it is not possible to go swimming on public beaches, because of glass and other trash on it. Another problem is traffic. Everywhere are cars and there are no traffic lights on the street, which makes it very hard to cross them and a lots of cars have no headlight at night. An Egypt proverb says about crossing a street: Close your eyes and pray to God (Allah). Most of the cars are old European minivans. Sometimes there are sixteen people together in a minivan. If you sit in one don’t think about it. The doors are open, because you can’t close them or it is to warm inside. Most of the native have to use them, because it is the cheapest way to come from one place to another (around 30 cents). People are not very rich, that’s why there are a lot of unfinished houses. Sometimes in little shops the power goes off for minutes.
    Another situation where you can see the countries situation is on the numbers of tourist. There are only a hand full of tourist in Cairo, the pyramids of Giza or Alexandria. The Hotels are uncrowded, because of that people in hotels or on the street do everything, to let you feel comfortable. They are very friendly and helpful and they want to take pictures, because especially blond and very whitely people are exotics there. They hope for more tourist.
    The question everyone asked me. If I felt save. You can’t travel to a city and always think about what can happen to you, because everywhere in the world something can happen.

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