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    Be the King or Queen of your world by Marie Diamond

    Diamond Feng Shui lets you master and direct your life in ways that you haven’t been able to before. You will be the master of your home, your office and your world—the king or the queen of your life.
    When I studied the powerful principles that the Feng Shui masters use, I uncovered easy, practical steps to become a queen or king in your home, office and life. Here are four important first steps from my self-study course that I created with Learning Strategies.
    The first step to get you out of a temporary stagnant energy field and to get your earthly luck energy flowing is to prepare your home or office for the queen or king to take up residence.
    Think about a queen or king in the throne room of their palace where they receive other heads of state, advisors, bankers, and nobility. Imagine how the king and queen sit. Sitting on their thrones they are practicing what I call Court Feng Shui. To court happiness, you need to connect with everyone and everything that can help create your happiness. To do this, you need to follow the empowering principles that every queen or king uses to be and to stay in power.
    Before royalty enters a room, and now when the stars of TV and movies enter a room, a whole team of cleaners come in to clean the reception room, to make the windows and the crystal chandelier sparkle and polish the gold and silver. The floor is cleaned and the flowers refreshed. Now the room is ready for you, the king or queen. See your home as a place where you will be the happy queen or king of a prosperous country. If you want your life to be a story of bliss, you need to prepare your castle.
    To quickly start better flow of Qi, create an open space in every room. Just to begin, gather the clutter and hide it in closets and cabinets or under something. In later levels of the Diamond Feng Shui Course, I will tell you how to work with more intensive space clearing. For now, wipe the dust from your room and clean the floor. Remove dead as well as dried flowers, and place fresh bouquets.
    The second step is creating a place for the queen or king to sit. Think about the thrones they occupy. Ever see a queen on a bar stool or a king on a folding chair? No? That’s because they sit on strong, solid high-backed chairs. Do you have a chair like this in your office or in your living room or in your family room? A place where you can feel like a king or queen? Because Feng Shui requires that you feel the support of the universe in your life, your personal throne must support you in the back. You can’t run a country if you don’t have support at your back and you can’t run your life without feeling supported by your family and friends. If you don’t feel supported, look at what you sit on and what is behind where you sit. A solid wall is best.
    The third step is positioning the queen or king to see the incoming flow of people. This way, the king or queen can see who is coming to visit them so they can choose who they will meet with and who they won’t. If you sit with your back toward the incoming flow, someone else decides for you. You are not the master of your environment. You are reacting to others’ decisions rather than creating them.
    The incoming flow is where people enter your life—through the front door. Where you sit at your desk, can you see people enter your office door? If you can, you are empowered because you can see the opportunities that come to you. You will make the right decisions because you can see all the angles, hear all the right advisors, see how money will flow to you and where to make the right investments.
    If you can’t see people enter your office door, you are not in a queen or king position and you are not the master of the court. You don’t have power over your life and your reign will not last long.
    The fourth step is to position yourself as a queen or king even when you sleep. You need to be in power not only when you are in a waking state of mind, but also when you are sleeping. Even if you are alone, sleep in a queen- or king-sized bed, have a wall behind you and make sure you see your loved one enter through your door. Opportunities can keep coming at night as dreams and inspiration.

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