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    Posted April 14, 2014 by
    Lake Alfred, Florida
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    Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

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    This is a follow-up to this reporter's initial iReport of 4-3-14 suggesting two possible destinations of MH370 after eyewitnesses sighted it flying low heading SE over Kuda Huvadhoo Island at 6:15AM local time on 3-8-14. One more possible destination exists, but this would be pure conspiracy theory as no proof ties any conspirators to this scenario.


    From the clues at hand upon time of this writing, a few actual facts have emerged as follows:


    1. MH370 took off from Kuala Lumpur
    2. MH370 flew towards destination until unexpected left turn
    3. It flew northwesterly, then westerly, northerly, then westerly at various altitudes to avoid radar detection
    4. It was spotted over Kuda Huvadhoo Island traveling SE at 6:15AM on 3-8-14


    As Kuda Huvadhoo Island was last place MH370 was spotted, we'll assume this is the point of disappearance. We must ask ourselves, who has a history of making flights disappear? One possibility in particular comes to mind.


    When the 911 attacks were carried out in 2001, four planes "were used" as detailed in the following.


    United Airlines Flights 93 was named for the crash in Pennsylvania. UA Flight 93 was a Boeing 757 with tail number N591UA and serial number 28142. This aircraft has been spotted flying since 911 as detailed at website "http://www.911omissionreport.com/flight_93_plane_swap/". The aircraft apparently was made to disappear in plain sight with disposition of crew and passengers unknown.


    United Airlines Flight 175 was named for the crash into south tower of the World Trade Center in NYC. UA Flight 175 was a Boeing 767 with tail number N612UA. This aircraft was simularly confirmed to have been flying over Pennsylvania AFTER "crashing into the south tower. Proof of this can be found through ACARS (Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System) records at "http://pilotsfor911truth.org/ACARS-CONFIRMED-911-AIRCRAFT-AIRBORNE-LONG-AFTER-CRASH.html". This would be another instance of making an airliner disappear in plain sight, also with disposition of crew and passengers unknown.


    The above two examples are pretty specific and if believed, should be considered with the facts below:


    1. The entry hole in The Pentagon was much smaller than a large American Airlines plane would make
    2. All public and private survelance photos of the entire area of The Pentagon hit were confiscated by the FBI
    3. NONE of the engine cores have ever been found from ANY of the four planes


    Together, all of the above paints a picture of a nation where 2 to 4 commercial airliners could be made to "disappear" in a single day. Therefore, the United States has a history of this type of activity, and no one else even comes close.


    The biggest problems for this theory regarding MH370 are making the Boeing 777 disappear and what to do with it and people aboard. It's apparent in this case, those in final control of the aircraft used their knowledge of aviation facilities in the area so route and altitude changes could make them seem to "vanish". The second part of what to do with it, gives rise to what methods and especially facilities would the United States have at their disposal to use this time. I promised you a third possibility after the eyewitness sightings at 6:15AM 3-8-14, and here it is.


    If you look at the map for this story, find Male' SW of India. Checking every postage stamp size island in the area, this reporter has found a likely spot. On the map it's the big red "X". It's an island known as Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory, located about 780 miles south of Male' and just a touch west. It's GPS coordinates are 07 18' 46.09"S, 72 24' 40.41"E. After locating the airport there on Google Earth, this reporter noticed eight B-52s and six KC-135 refueling tankers parked next to the runway. The name of the island may be British, but the planes say United States all the way. The runway is surely long enough to accomodate a Boeing 777. Once MH370 landed, it would have been easy enough for the U.S. to make both the plane and people "disappear".


    To complete this conspiracy theory, The U.S just plants a few pingers at the bottom of the Indian Ocean off Australia to keep the various governments of the world busy guessing and searching. Why not help with the search too, just keep them off the track. Meanwhile, what would the U.S. use the Boeing 777 for anyway? Just attach a false flag to it and.......coming to a city near you!!!!

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