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    Posted April 14, 2014 by
    La Crosse, Wisconsin

    Meet Shen Teh


    Meet Shen Teh
    Written by: A. “Lucky” Worden
    April 10, 2014

    Have you ever heard a voice that captivates your imagination? Have you ever been to a live music show and find yourself lost in the experience with no fear, because you've become apart of the adventure? These are the best ways I know how to start to describe the artist Shen Teh. Please join me on my exploration and introduction of a performer with a new perspective to share.

    To begin, a woman that has traveled more of the world than most people. Originally from Germany, she has traveled across the United States, and more. Including, but not limited to Canada; America's Midwest; Boston; New York City; a month road trip through California; and the Bahamas. Lara has been most mobile in Europe, and when asked her to name all her travels; she stated it was easier to say where she hasn't been. She said, “The best part about travel is meeting the people of the place...[I] find I can communicate with people even if we don't speak the same language.” During my interview with Lara she spoke of several trips, vacations, and adventures that have shaped her life. Though this woman is nothing less than an adventurous soul; she also has a desire to be in touch with her creativity inside herself. She explained, “It's nice to meet people but also nice to have serenity- with my own thoughts.”

    For the past year she had been recording in a studio, writing songs, setting up photo shoots, making music videos, and playing at local venues. Her songs have all started with an idea and Lara sitting at her piano; just banging away at the stories in her head. From these stories, Lara has created different characters; which she has captured with pictures and videos. Working with a local visual artist, Eric Gerke; Lara has been able to share her musical creations coupled with the visual journey her work invokes. From her first night recording to the practice she had last Wednesday Lara is having a great time working with local musicians and artists.

    Lara says she was nervous when she first came into the studio to record a few demo songs; and wasn't confident things would work out. However, Lara has been warmly welcomed into Actual Sound Studio, a local, privately owned recording studio on the south-side of La Crosse. Actual Sound Studio, is owned and operated by Michael von Muchow; who just happens to be Lara's husband's long time friend. Additionally, the studio is less than two block from her home. This opportunity has been grabbed by Lara with both hands, and is holding on tight.

    I have had to opportunity to see Lara work with several local musicians with exceptional levels of talent; and it is inspiring to see her music come alive with them. Lara's music is unique, and just a little crazy; so, seeing local musicians dive into uncharted territory is an experience all to itself. Rehearsals and recording sessions are noted as the highlights of her weeks. She may have been hesitant and unsure to begin her musical mission; but now that she has gotten a taste for going outside the norm there is no stopping her. Lara is extroverted on stage, though she is a bit more subdued in her everyday life. She has told me that as she promotes herself more and more, she keeps shocking her friends; some of which had no idea she was out performing.

    Lara told me she is very proud and excited about how the band has grown together as a group. She said, “...my music is organic, in waves; it's hard to play well-but I am very easy to work with.” It was very apparent to the audience at her last performance that she trusts her band wholeheartedly. “I feel really safe with them up on stage... ...they carry me... ...they push me, and they are right there,” recounted Lara. It was fun to listen to her talk of the members of her band as another might talk about their family members.

    Shen Teh's music contains elements of danger, murder, adventures, dreams and monsters; with big endings, and verse after verse of her imagination unleashed. Shen Teh is easy going, fun to talk to and always entertaining when music is involved. In an exhausting attempt to connect on as many media platforms as possible she is venturing out into the many virtual streams of cyberspace. Including, but not limited to Facebook, Instigram, YouTube, and her own personal blog. She has been inspired by the characters she sees within herself and throughout her life. Additionally, she is full of energy, life and ready to work hard to achieve her passion. Shen Teh is an ever changing kaleidoscope of reflections and projections that are both actual and still desired. The thing I think of first when it comes to Lara is her laugh. The first thing I think when it comes to Shen Teh is her energy. She is magnetic, it pulls you into her world; transporting you to a place that she has created.
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