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    Posted April 14, 2014 by
    champaign, Illinois

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    Sales Transformation Firm SimplySell Helps Companies Improve Sales Performance to Sell More, Reduce Cost and Drive Growth.


    Company leverages sales process improvement and automation approaches to reduce sales cycles and realize revenue faster.


    Brian Tucker, Founder and President of SimplySell — a company focused on next-generation marketing and sales improvement — is helping businesses quickly overcome huge obstacles that usually keep most companies from growing through new ways to automate sales-related business processes and accelerate end-to-end sales performance.

    Tucker has helped executives from Fortune 500 companies to high-grossing local and global business owners realize immediate efficiencies, drive cost reductions and grow their companies. "Many times new clients call on us because they are struggling with low profit margins, missed revenue targets, failing sales programs and declining sales or, they simply need help systematizing and scaling their sales capabilities.” says Tucker.


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    He emphasizes that while no two companies are the same, the majority of problems he sees usually stem from the most fundamental issues starting with a lack of formal and poorly documented sales processes which are often caused by unnecessary and over-complicated business rules that make selling harder than it should be. The result is a business that spends way too much time and money to win sales, low profit margins and stagnant growth.


    “Many of our clients are looking for fast solutions, because their business is experiencing a rapid amount of growth or lots of change in a short amount of time and want to get it right.” Tucker explains “Other times we are called to help with a major event like a company restructuring, the creation of a new sales division or a merger or acquisition is either being planned or worse yet just took place and there’s an immediate need to combine multiple sales organizations into one.”


    To further compound problems, Tucker says “you would be shocked” at how many companies — regardless of age and maturity — do not have the right staff to support their sales force, have no way to measure sales performance, no data to start with, and no one to figure it out. The reason for this? Most of the staff is focused on their day jobs and don’t have time or people to strategically “fix the sales engine” as Tucker puts it.


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    To compound the problem, Tucker often sees these same companies lacking Executive level understanding of today’s technologies such as basic sales productivity tools, and many businesses do not have a fundamental sales training program in place. He attributes it to the product of an overall business culture created by sales people who have been taught to operate “fast and loose” with a business that has adapted and compensated for this culture.


    “We constantly run across clients that have random acts of sales support sprinkled across multiple areas in their business that unknowingly waste absurd amounts of time and money." explains Tucker. "When we total their cost of sales, we commonly find that they are paying 5-10 times more than they should be. We almost instantly cut their sales cycle times from weeks down to a matter of minutes, recover wasted time and money, and as a result, they’re able to further leverage their new sales processes to not only realize huge cost savings, but to also put more sales people out on the street with no additional funding."


    Tucker says characteristically, the majority of sales performance issues can be traced to deficiencies in cross-departmental sales support systems as well as business administrative systems, specifically those in non-selling areas of the business that are controlled by sales process “contributors” who face inefficient legal and financial restrictions, outdated compliance policies from years past and overly-complicated contract guidelines.


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    Some of the most obvious and immediate problems he sees with clients are caused by general miscommunication and confusion, and that opening doors between selling and non-selling departments is mission-critical. "People understandably have their own business agendas in mind," he says. "However, legal, administrative and financial risk priorities often unintentionally affect the overall sales process. We speak sales and business fluently and our job is to consider, balance and protect the business interests, risk and departmental budgets that directly and indirectly tie to selling.”


    As a value-add, Tucker’s clients also notice improved customer buying confidence, more repeat business and increased sales referrals after working with SimplySell. "Everything is a trickle-down effect. Our goal is to make everyone’s life easier, including the buyer."


    SimplySell is a next-generation consulting firm providing strategic solutions to businesses of all sizes — from Fortune 500 companies to private businesses — centered upon improving all aspects of marketing and sales, from attracting new clients to money in the bank.


    For more information about Tucker's services, you can watch this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4nuf4Wb0ziA


    You can also contact him through Linkedin at http://www.linkedin.com/in/briantucker the SimplySell website http://simplysell.com or call him direct at (217) 807-4600

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