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    Election Weather - A Report

    Have you seen the weather forecast ? If there is no device available one can look at the sky , behold clouds and gauge how the day will be . These days one can feel the hot election weather in India . Media is occupied with speculated results and prima facie dialogue with political parties , candidates and voters .

    India is the largest democracy having electoral population of 81.45 crores . This general election is taking place in 9 phases and this is the longest franchise in nation’s history from 7th April to 12th May 2014 .

    Indian constitution is not utterly ‘Made in India’ . It is a salad bowl of articles extracted from different foreign constitutions. Having a parliamentary democracy with multi-party system supreme power lies in the hands of the Lower House. This 16th poll going on for Lower House ( Lok Sabha ) and state legislatures in some provinces .

    Six main national parties and many regional parties are participants in this electoral fray . Congress started as a movement for independence became largest political party in India yet its charm started to reduce because of wrong decisions and imprecise ‘right hands’ or counselors . Common accusation about congress party that is it is reliant on family sway . But fair-minded intellectuals would blame those selfish followers who are catching fish in the alee of one family . There are enough certificate holder, so called educated people who understand well the real meaning of democracy . who bounds them not to find leaders out of the family umbrella.

    Bharatiya Janata Party , the second largest party established in 1980 flourished from parent Bharatiya Jana Sangh formed in 1951. Seen as big alternative this party was appreciated by informed Indians and many non-resident Indians but its social conservative policy do not give full assurance to all .

    Aam Admi Party ( AAP ) emerged from Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption drive is transparent yet lacking money and muscle power to win over election . This party adopted American style of fund raising mechanism which is not digested by many because of their ignorance of the creation of Indian constitution which is not quoted from ‘Ramayana’ or ‘Mahabharat’ but amalgamation of principles from different overseas constitutions .

    To exercise electoral right , participating in voting system is democratic duty of every citizen . Many reasons make indifferent to civics to cast their vote . They are – (1) Political parties are almost identical in their behavior . Before election they preach brotherhood but after election it changes to lordship (2) After winning election door to door visiting aspirants rarely visible in their constituencies (3) nepotism / corruption (4) Sometimes citizens treated as outsiders for ill intention of corrupted people (5) discard quality and clasping unserviceable attitude .

    Regional parties come to power based on local agendas . For a long time no political party getting clear majority which shows people are looking for good leader and clean governance which is almost illusion but not impossible . What we need at this time is aware masses and accountable media . To a great extent which will help to corruption free election , leaders and governance .
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