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    In praise of “other mothers”

    My Iron Lady


    She was my secondary school teacher and she is my IRON LADY. More than a teacher, she was a mother figure to me. She is a working mother of three small kids, a great wife and a post graduate student herself.


    Despite all her busy schedule, she still finds time for me. She is the one I will find if I have any problems or if I need any help. She is very caring and loving. During my secondary school days, she make sure that I get home safely (sends me back home daily),make sure I finish all my home works and study well. As both my parents are working parents and comes back home late at night, she was there to guide me, advise me.


    I have hurt her a lot yet she always forgive me. She faces a lot of problems in her life, yet she always have that cute smile on her face without fail.


    All the little things that I have gone through with her are some very special memories that can't be erased. All the good night wishes, all the 'I love you', all the 'I miss you', all the delicious dinners she cook, all the outing we had together, her convocation, I-city outing and so many more. One thing that I think that makes our bond stronger is the arguments and fights that we have. Not that I enjoy it, but every time after an argument, the time taken to actually start talking again just make me realize how much I love her.


    I am not an expressive person, I have not kissed or hugged her before, as long as I can remember there is very few number of pictures with her but despite all that, I try my best to make her happy. Let it be a Ferrero Rocher or helping her out daily chores, I think it is my way of expressing myself to her.


    It's not easy taking care of three small kids, she goes through a lot of pain to give them the best. She falls sick very often nowadays and she is not getting any younger but she still makes sure she does everything right and give the best life for her family. How to be strong and brave are the things I learned from her, my iron lady. I am not blood related to her, but she always treat me as one, sometimes more than that. One example is such when she was finding a suitable name for her son, she actually asked ME for suggestion. Who would as a suggestion from their student regarding their family life?? She scolds me a lot but I know its my fault and she wants me to change my attitude.


    There are few things that I would tell her personally but I don't have the guts to say it to her :-




    I know, I hurt you a lot. I'm really sorry. You always forgive me, thanks for that .Besides my mother, you are the only one who has been there for me all the time. Thanks ma.


    I call you teacher and boss, just to irritate you but I always meant it when I call you amma. I don't know if my life would be the same without you but I always thank god for having you in my life. We never really had the 'mother daughter' kind of incidents but every time I call you amma, I have 'butterflies' in my stomach.:)


    You still have the sorry card stuck in the room. Every time I see the card, it's just remind me not to fight with you often. There are moments when I feel why should I do this and that for you, why I should call you mother, I just go back thinking about all the things you have done or said to me, the things that no one else would have done for me. Then, I realized that, I was right to call you amma.


    I really wish, you always will be there for me, seeing me graduate, seeing me be someone in my life. I always wish, I could go back to 2011 and correct my mistakes. I think we were much closer back then. Yet, I am happy to just be in touch with you now.


    Thanks for everything ma. You always be my iron lady. I might not hug you or kiss you but definitely I'll have the guts to do it one day. Promise.


    Happy Birthday! and Happy Mothers Day!
    Love you loads
    Be happy always!


    With Love,


    A mother, a best friend, a companion, a shoulder to cry on, she is my iron lady. You don't have to be blood related to express your motherhood. She is such a good example. Blood is just a color, the heart actually relates every other relationship in the world. And it is such that I feel related to her and she is my inspirational mother.


    My iron lady is such a strong mom. Being a mom figure to 3+1 kids with different personality isn't an easy job but she does it perfectly.This might not be a touching story but it is something to think of. How you can treat a stranger as your own daughter. That is my iron lady.


    She treats all her students with care and compassion. She teaches in the best way she can, advice them and guide them. Her students loves her a lot, I always feel as the lucky one to actually be very close to her, be someone who she actually shares her problems with and not just being a student but beyond that. She never gets the appreciation for all the hard work she puts into, let  itbe being a teacher, a wife, a mother or all the other roles that she does.


    I hope this is a way that I can show my appreciation for all that she has done for me as a mother and as a teacher.


    Thank you very much amma!


    Thank you Iron Lady!


    Thank you!



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