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    SPMG Media's Exclusive Interview With JAYNE AVAUNT

    By Ross Guity aka R.G. Major

    New EDM/Pop recording artist Jayne Avaunt is a future star in the making with her energetic and infectious debut hit single HEAR ME currently escalating up the Dance music charts here in the U.S of A. The talented, stylish and gorgeous Avaunt is set to release her first EP titled MARCH during the Fall of 2K13 and says that she poured everything into the project. 'I am so proud of the creation of MARCH, and I wouldn't change one thing about it. I expect a lot of dance parties to blast this EP worldwide!' she added. Avaunt discussed her unique music brand with Authors & Artists Magazine (SPMG Media) while on a break from her demanding schedule.

    Define the JAYNE AVAUNT brand of musicality.

    JA: The JAYNE AVAUNT brand of musicality is all about STRENGTH. I tried to make all my songs - even the ones touching on my weaker or vulnerable side - have an element of strength to them.....It is about showcasing every side of yourself, and knowing that it's OK to lay it all out on the table. I always want to be relatable....I always want to be someone who writes songs about situations I know everyone has been through, or songs about who I want to be and what I want, and hopefully when people listen to the songs, they can find elements of themselves in it....It is about having no fear of dealing with the world in front of you and not worrying necessarily about the outcome - but what you are going to do to achieve that outcome....It is young, strong and vulnerable. I try to showcase that in every melody and in every note....It is about being the YOU that you are!

    What best describes you as an individual?

    JA: Oh wow....I am and always have been a lil' weirdo. (Laughs) There is absolutely no end to my quirks. I have found being in touch and appreciating my flaws and oddities very accepting....I am an energetic, loud, adventurous and emotional girl who has always found solace in performing it out to the world and letting you know exactly how I feel. I am now in a place where I am comfortable with who I am - yet not ashamed of moments of weakness, and just trying to learn and grow from everything that I experience in life.

    What was that defining moment that prompted you to say, 'I want to pursue music as a career.'?

    It is almost like I have been involved in music for so long that it is hard to pinpoint a particular moment. From age 3, I was already taking dance lessons, and then I got into singing, musical theatre, pageants, EVERYTHING!....But a moment that really stands out for me I would say was this one performance I did when I was about nine or ten-years-old, and I was in this music troupe and had my first solo, singing the 1983 classic hit by Bonnie Tyler 'Total Eclipse Of The Heart.' I vividly remember getting off stage, saying 'YUP....I can't ever stop doing that - EVER!'

    Who were the artists that inspired you musically and overall style-wise?

    Gwen Stefani (tragic Kingdom-era), P!NK, Gossip, of course THE Britney Spears (what Pop singer wasn't influenced by Miss Britney Spears?!), Scissor Sisters.....Musicians inspire me daily, hourly, so it is a never-ending list that is always changing, but the artists that I've mentioned have forever been on my playlists, and who have impacted me the most.

    Congratulations on the early success of your debut single HEAR ME, along with the amazing and hot music video! Briefly share with us the excitement of the release, and break down the key players who were involved.

    JA: Thank you so much!....It was such a crazy experience and so much bigger than me. I had the pleasure of working with such brilliant people on both the recording and video projects for HEAR ME. First of all, I couldn't have done anything without my incredible producer Prince Saheb. Where would I be without that awesome beat, and all the guidance he gave me during the recording of the song?!....Tha Razor directed the music video, and he is a wonderful, kind and expressive director. My choreographer, assisant director, editor, and best friend - the incomparable Jo Roy - whom I owe my life to, my incredible dancers have all played pivotal roles in the making of HERE ME....But most of all - my family and friends! My mom came down for the music video shoot, and it was so comforting to have her there running around and helping everyone. I am over the moon about the release and the reception HERE ME has positively received so far, and I am just so grateful!

    Why should consumers of good quality music invest in your brand as a recording artist/performer? What makes Jayne Avaunt stand out from the pack, in your opinion?

    JA: They will be investing in an emotional experience. I take all my feelings and dance through the hard times and good times in my music and style. In my opinion, I stand out by fusing different genres and styles, and having a level of maturity and depth that I always admire in artists and listen for in songs, yet keeping things fun, weird and edgy at the same time....I still have the sound of 'today,' but there are elements from different eras and genres in it becoming relatable to a wide range of people with varied musical tastes. I have trained my whole life as a singer, and I have sung every possible genre of music, so as a performer, that will show. I feel that I don't have a sound that is easily copied, or one that is similar to other artists. I am definitely not shy about being creative, pushing limits and being completely different, and I think that will really stand out for me!

    What can we anticipate from you - say five-to-ten years from now - with God's will?

    Well, things are always changing in this crazy career that I chose - which makes it unpredictable and exciting. I will be touring, releasing albums, travelling in general and still doing what I love....I will still be learning and growing and just keeping happy and fulfilled, yet never settling. That is ultimately how I want and need to live the rest of my life - Adventurous, spontaneous and happy!

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