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    Posted April 16, 2014 by

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    "Start of a new era is coming soon"

    The month of June, according the latest forecast done by scanning the web shows a trend of possible. Food shortages, riots may follow as a result of high prices. The Obama health care tax will cut into all vacation plans.
    Look for hotel revenues to fall. With food going up 4 times normal, plus mandatory health care tax. Their will be shortages of everything, higher prices, inflation, layoff due to no extra income. It would appear, the politicians, the weather, drought, freezes, higher gasoline prices will make tensions between the have and the have nots worse. Crime will spike to a all time high. Murder will rise as the poor take to robbing those who have riches. The reason are many and varied. Population, automation,will make short tempers, anger at little things can lead to great distress.
    Our enemies are us, greed, and selfishness will destroy us from within. We've become our own worst enemy. Short tempers, in police and other agencies will turn the public against the political system. Seeing all the politicians are millionaires. A revolution is on the horizon.
    Dissolving of our government being replaced by ballot and petition law making laws by the people for the majority not by the rich and politically connected. Each state will have its own agenda or initiatives to direct it peoples on a course in its best interest. The union of United States will devolve into a competitive.
    Competition of best resources, labor pool, that can meet the needs of the competing market place.
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