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    Posted April 17, 2014 by
    Ft Myers, Florida
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    Drugs and President Obama - Will he do something TO STOP THE SUPPLY of Heroin - His past record says NO


    Please read this whole description so you get an idea of what is happening


    I assume all who read this will NOT consider Heroin a weapon of mass destruction - BUT it has killed 10s of millions of people over the years including millions of Americans just since the end of WWII


    I know some of you are saying "The people who use drugs make that choice and deserve no special help"


    I say to you - PLEASE RETHINK your opinion - Would you want help IF you had any type of dependency ?


    Ask Jane Valez Mitchell the HLN / CNN show host who continuously tells her viewers "I am a recovering  addict" - Good For her But we don't need to hear that twice a night on her show for the past 4 years. She and the other Hosts on HLN and CNN  should be asking the hard question - "Why is nothing being done to stop heroin from being produced in Afghanistan ?"


    With Boots on the ground President Obama has a chance only President G.W. Bush had to put a HUGE dent in the worlds Heroin Supply, Gw Bush was busy getting our military established there to do much else


    But if President Obamas past record for action does not change HE WILL DO NOTHING


    Afghanistan supplies the world with 95% of its heroin and Opium ( which is derived from the Poppy Plant. Poppies are the #1 crop in Afghanistan and its only use if to make heroin and opium from its flowers )


    We have given Afghanistan over 20 BILLION yes -- 20 Biillion Dollars in just the past few years to teach the farmers there how to increase the production FOR OTHER crops they grow  - We are funding them, They used that money and info to grow MORE Poppies NOT other crops


    President Obama should warn the Afghans if they do NOT stop producing their Poppy crops we will Destroy their ability to do so.



    FOR More stats and ALL THE DETAILS See my webpage  AT THIS Link HERE


    Wolf Blitzer, Nancy Grace need to step up and ask the hard queations

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