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    Posted April 17, 2014 by
    cape coral, Florida

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    I am on Medicare and pay $104.00 per month - so are 49,000,000 others


    I heard some "pundit" on CNN saying that the young are paying to take care of the old.


    there are over 49 million US citizens on Medicare and about 99% of those pay a $104 premium PER MONTH to Medicare - That is 5 billion a MONTH paid into the health care system by those who are on SS - over the 50 plus years most of us on SS worked during our lifetime previous to collecting SS benefits we paid trillions of dollars to the US to fund various programs which the Young benefit from


    The average SS recipient gets $1200.00 so 1/12th or about 8.5 % OF THEIR MONTHLY INCOME goes to JUST thje $104.00 per month health care premium and that does NOT count the copays and extra costs for meds - 1 day in the hospital costs from $250 to $300.00 for anyone if they have Medicare and 20% of other care COSTS and co pays MUST BE ADDED and Paid by the recipients too


    So medical expenses are closer to 25% of SS recipients monthly income - AND FOR some it is much more if they have serious problems. Leaving the person with less than 900.00 to live on for a month _ and pay rent - gas - food - ---


    I would venture to say that Presiden ts Obama's Mother In Law could not live off the average income ( 1200.00 ) of one who receives SS. Let her Try -- instead of we taxpayers paying her housing and living expenses


    The youth of today make an average of about $45,000.00 per year or 3750.00 Per month - To equal JUST the 20% payment their premium would have to be above $750.00 per month


    But the government Gives US A whopping 1.6% COST OF LIVING RAISE EACH YEAR - that equals about $17.00 more per MONTH - that is enough to buy a gallon of milk plus three gallons of gas


    Yet congress votes for pay raises of 10% for themselves each year ob top of ALL the benefits they get --- 


    Stop crying you little whippersnappers !!!! And respect the Veterans too without us you'd be speaking German or Russian and eating sauasge and borsht

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