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    Posted April 17, 2014 by
    La Crosse, Wisconsin

    UW-La Crosse's 12th Annual Drag Show Raises over $1000 for Worthy Causes


    Flamboyant personalities, questionably inappropriate costume choices, and flashy dance routines. The average student does not typically see these things at UW-La Crosse. On Friday, April 4th however, Vahalla at UWL was the place to be for all wishing to experience these in a night to remember 12th Annual Drag Show.


    This night began as any typical event held in Vahalla goes. Crowds shuffled into the room and eventually nearly all seats were filled. That’s where everything changed. As the show began, we were greeted by our MC’s who were dressed in out of this world outfits that one may not typically find someone sporting to any ordinary event.


    Amazingly enough, the Drag Show is an opportunity for these students and staff involved to break free of the societal norms expected of them and truly express themselves however it may be. Those who may be identified as male by society were able to put on their favorite pair of heels and that tight dress and absolutely rock it on stage. Several acts even included some female performers taping their breasts to the sides of their body to portray a man’s body.


    With these unique outfit choices comes a character. Each performer has their very own Drag Character and a fabulous name to match it. Unexpected names such as “Delicate Sprinkles” were common to each performer and truly one of a kind. Boy did these wild names match the wild personalities of each performer. As they took to these new personas, new personalities emerged that were often the complete opposite of the true personality of the performer under those layers of make up and articles of clothing. With each song we found a vibrant and one of a kind personality on stage making this a one of a kind experience for all to see.


    Performing songs from Beyoncé, One Direction, and even Mary Poppins, the variety never ceased to grab the audience’s attention. Each performer or even group of performers put their own spin on what it means to be in a Drag Show. Some strictly lip-synced to the song while walking around on stage, one performer even sang a song, any many others danced to their song in well choreographed and thought out routines.


    So what’s the point of this all? Is it just a way for people to express themselves without worry of being judged for going against the societal norms? Not at all. The UWL 12th Annual Drag Show acts as a fundraiser for the AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin as well as Transform, a Transgender Rights student group at UWL. In total, it came out to over $1200 raised for the AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin as well as $150 raised for Transform.


    This money was generously donated by the members of the audience at the drag show that night. As each performer was acting, dancing, and singing, members of the audience would run to the stage and put cash in jars at the edge of the stage or even give the money directly to the performer. It came to even be that money would be stuffed in many places on the performers body as they were dancing. This was not only a fun way to support and encourage each performer, but also a great way to quickly raise money for two very worthy causes.


    As the night came to a close, the director of the Pride Center and coordinator of the Drag Show, Will Vanroosenbeek, performed the final number and was joined by all of the night’s performers to bring the show to an end. The audience roared and gave a much deserved standing ovation to thank these performers for their courage and pride they showed that night, and needless to say, a fun night that will always be remembered!

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