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    Posted April 17, 2014 by
    United Kingdom

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    Paradise Lost


    Paradise Lost in a Virtual World

    Directed by Canary Beck, performed by The Basilique Performing Arts Company.


    When it comes to experience New Technologies I see the enormous potential, but it seems sometimes impossible to describe it in a way that the emotional side is covered. You have to visit Paradise Lost. If you dont want to read this article to the end, take two minutes for a look at Youtube and follow this shortlnk to the DRAXTOR live report No. 18 at http://is.gd/drax18

    The creative use of New Technology that does not make it to a mainstream has one aspect in common when it comes to communicate it: How can one make people understand, with only words, things  that require a new meaning and bring a new experience? A new word must be  invented that creates an empty box to be filled in the mind.  Immersivia is such  a word. Immersiva inside.  You say, “What´s that?” Of course, I can´t explain  with words, like you might not be able to make a Neanderthal understand when he  enters an airplane “to fasten your seatbelts.”  Surely I don’t want to imply  that you are a Neanderthal, as you read these lines and many others cannot.  So  you are quite ahead in time.  Same for my grandmother, who asked me 30 years ago  about the things I write about:  phones with a tiny screen that are able to  communicate world wide.  She said, “My boy.  You are like your grandfather.  He  invented a brake for trains, but he did not patent it, so it never got known,  and you will end the same way when you don’t eat the cake I made so you get  strong.”  So, eat the cake that is offered at Basilique in a world called Second  Life.  I hate the term Second Life.  I never use it, as it’s a box with a  pre-setting I don’t support as an artist in science.  The TOS are not the way I  want them.  Far away from Creative Commons, but for Paradise Lost, I do make an  exception.


    Also I did not post this iReport in my section RIFT HORIZON, as it is real what you read here, real now. There is no need to go forward in time as the picture you get in full size at http://i.imgur.com/w2eejNs.jpg implies: I´ll make you wings out of lines. Indeed the basics I have explored together with my friend Hans in 1975 as I was at school getting a chance to program in FORTRAN and use a plotter in my free time. You see in the picture the newest mesh technology is based on lines, no longer on cubes. It all starts with a cube was the message of Philip Rosedale in 2003. Now it all starts with a line ... again.


    The information you need to join and to "eat the cake" of Paradise Lost you find at http://paradiselostsl.wordpress.com/


    I forgot something as I like to forget often the most important thing to add in the first line: there is music inside. Yes that is also a part why you need to eat the cake of Paradise Lost and there is a voice, a voice inside you will remember ...

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