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    Nothing Tips Like a Smart Car


    Consider for a moment that you are a young hoodlum with nothing to do on a Friday night. You and your buddies are bored out of your gourds and begin thinking up stuff to do. If only you lived in Nebraska or Ohio near a farm where you could engage in some random cow tipping. Oh, if only. Unfortunately, you are stuck in a city that is completely cow free. Now what? Enter Smart Car tipping; an urban take on the cow tip without the animal cruelty. Besides, all the other hoodlums are doing it why not give it a try?


    Don’t laugh, Smart Car Tipping is a reality. Recently in San Francisco, four Smart Cars were tipped and found balancing on their sides, rear bumpers and headlights. Just imagine the horrified look on the faces of the car owners when they discovered their vehicles. Other upended Smart Cars have been discovered during the last three years in urban areas across the U.S. and Canada.


    Although the humor of these vandalistic acts is undeniable, the damage done to these helpless little vehicles is no laughing matter. The tiny topsy-turvy cars in San Francisco suffered body damage and broken windows, making it a very expensive prank. The authorities are interested in halting Smart Car tippers before it becomes an offbeat trend. If the San Francisco culprits are caught, they will face felony vandalism charges.


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