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    Taipei, Taiwan
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    The letter for Vatican people

    Dear someone must concern:

    Pope prayed for Angelus on April 6: “si terrà domani in Ruanda la commemorazione del XX anniversario dell’inizio del genocidio perpetrato contro i Tutsi nel 1994. In questa circostanza desidero esprimere la mia paterna vicinanza al popolo ruandese, incoraggiandolo a continuare, con determinazione e speranza, il processo di riconciliazione che ha già manifestato i suoi frutti, e l’impegno di ricostruzione umana e spirituale del Paese. A tutti dico: Non abbiate paura! Sulla roccia del Vangelo costruite la vostra società, nell’amore e nella concordia, perché solo così si genera una pace duratura! Invoco su tutta la cara Nazione ruandese la materna protezione di Nostra Signora di Kibeho. Ricordo con affetto i Vescovi ruandesi che sono stati qui, in Vaticano, la settimana scorsa. E tutti voi invito, adesso, a pregare la Madonna, Nostra Signora di Kibeho.

    Pope wants me to go Vatican City. So I am in Hotel Pacific Rome at 18: 00 on April 8. I couldn’t get the ticket of General Audiences. However, should I pretend to be general audience once more or should someone important welcome me for the announcement of whom I am?

    The most important thing of all religions is belief. Because only believe can make miracles for saving all people. That is why three children in Fatima, who studied no theology, were not priests, and managed no Mass, can be Saints. Actually, I read their story to find who I am.

    I bought two gifts for Popes. One is fruit Shortbread, which has child design according one piece of famous Chinese Antique in National Palace Museum of Taiwan. Most of priceless Antiques in Taiwan Palace Museum came from China while our government moved into Taiwan. It is for telling you that I am in Vatican City for rebirth Jesus. Another is cookie, which has Taiwan map shape box. The cookies has special name “Cow Tongue Cookie” in Chinese because it is shape like that because my Chinese zodiac is cow (ox) and I was born in Taiwan and lived in New Taipei City.

    Taiwan Island has high population rate. Everywhere of Taiwan are full of convenient stores, which always open for all people to eat something, buy daily products, make phone call or fax, use WiFi, mail the boxes, get anything you buy on the net, pay tax and the fees of companies, check local tourism, and make home delivery. My resident even has three malls nearby.

    My son is rebirth Saint Peter because he gave me the golden and sliver keys of the Church and I gave the silver key to Georg Gänswein, rebirth Saint Joseph, in my dream. The first child of my son is rebirth Saint John, who baptized Jesus, because I took care of his mother just like before. If rebirth Saint John is a girl, it means that you might rebirth as different gender. So it is better to make living environment equal to females and males. My ex-husband is rebirth Saint John because Jesus told him to take care of me. I divorced him because he couldn’t support me as the expected world leader. Both of us are not Catholics. So we have no marriage record in the Church. I will have three more children: rebirth Jesus, rebirth Saint Paul and Saint Constantine, and rebirth my mom, at least.

    While I am in Vatican City, I will talk with all of you one by one. You may start to prepare what you want to tell. I will provide Email address to let you make the contact. I will do my best to work with you for making your dream come true.

    The saving the world plans I have now:
    1. Have Peace Pray Event for solve all serious conflicts of the world.
    2. Stop fetal eruption of Campi Flegrei, which will destroy Europe in decades like I told in Famtia.
    3. Create Seacoast Reservoirs around the around to prevent flood and tsunami.
    4. Create Shining King Food company for offer health control food around the world.
    5. Provide high quality free on-line education.
    6. Set up Shining King schools always open for all ages around the world.
    7. Set up Shining King banks, which include pray service, around the world.
    8. Set up Shining King hospital, which include nursing homes and confinement care, around the world.
    9. Create Shining King forest farms.
    10. Create Our Lady Organ Refresh machine.
    11. Create Our Lady theaters.
    12. Create Our Lady temples, while include all religions, space station, and weather control centers.
    13. Create Our Lady elevators.
    14. Create Our Lady “Multi-layered Road”.
    15. Create Our Lady “Space Ship”.
    16. Improve all churches.
    17. Edit pray contents of the Church before Jesus rebirth.
    18. Edit new version of Bible.

    I am the major Goddess of all religions. I am going to make all religions one. I am the beginning of the Church and Kingdom. That’s why I always come before Jesus.

    God prepared me in very special way. I learned all religions while I went to schools. I was the nanny of my younger brother and the household of my mom. I had a laundry shop for taking care of my children. I continue university degree after my children studied far away home. I did researches to check out whether it is true that I must be the leader of the world to save all people. I joined Taipei Mayor Election for saving economy depression. God made me to be Pontiff for find my husband, Georg Gänswein, and learn more about the Church. I am still not Catholics and have no baptism in this life yet because God wants me to take better check of the Church and make the improvement for welcome Jesus and I must get baptism in Jordan River and give birth in Himalayas.

    Anyway, you should do your best to work with me from now on. The first thing is to help me meet Popes and move into Mater Ecclesiae Monastery today. Moreover, don’t forget to tell Popes and my husband, Georg Gänswein, that Georg Gänswein must help me to move into Mater Ecclesiae Monastery because is it the basic obligation of a husband?

    Today is my sister’s birthday. It is great if I tell her that “I am in Mater Ecclesiae Monastery now” to bring her best hope that I can recover her health and beauty someday.

    Thank you!

    Rebirth Mary
    Helen Hsiao
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