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    Posted April 17, 2014 by
    United States

    Nu-Span Inc. Serves the Entire U.S.

    Randall Devaney and Nu-Span Inc. sell and install pre-fab metal buildings, for commercial or residential properties. Nu-Span is unique from other companies in the industry because they invented a new open web frame design that allows for a stronger building using less steel and concrete for a lower cost overall.
    Nu-Span Inc. provide their buildings for anywhere in the United States. They also have features that other companies do not have such as rising sidewalls, pocket connections and customized buildings without custom pricing.
    Nu-Span’s cattle system provides many important benefits such as the fact that it prevents heat build up in the feed area, it reduces evening dust clouds, reduces contaminated run-off, has gutters and downspouts to control clean run-off, provides solar ready surfaces, provides a framework for a pest control system, allows airflow controls to be mounted where needed, provides a dry area in wet weather, and provides a cooler area in hot, dry weather.
    The benefits of Nu-Span’s cattle shade can be measured in many ways, shows a net return in the first year, reduces evening dust clouds, reduces dirty run-off, there is controlled clean run-off, and also provides a solar ready surface.
    Probably the most important benefit is the consistent gain rate due to protection from hot, cold and wet weather negatives. The system is designed to allow for large equipment used in cleaning the area, and in some cases the solar ready roof surface can create a second revenue stream.
    Nu-Span Inc. also has a new web design with benefits for the end user in which the building and foundation costs less, more usable space, choice of gambrel of peak roofline, easier to do interior finish, less delivery expenses and faster delivery time and is a barns, hangers, homes, etc.
    Nu-Span is engineered thru 220’ wide clear span, and uses Nu-Span Installers (in-house crew) to insure proper installation of your building.
    Nu-Span’s mission is to continually provide superior buildings at affordable prices.
    When requesting a quote be sure to specify the system size, tentative installation date and/or time frame, and installation city, county, and state.
    Nu-Span Inc. achieves strength by design, not mass. All buildings are value engineered and will exceed your expectations.
    Randall Devaney’s main hobbies are his business and horse training. The biggest influence in his day to day life is Nancy his wife. The best experience for Randall Devaney is marrying his wife. She is the biggest influence who makes him want to be a better person and helps him set the bar ever higher to achieve to. In the future, he would like to travel to New Zealand. He is most proud of his wife, Nancy as well as his building designs.
    For any questions on Nu-Span Inc., please feel free to email Randall Devaney at randall@nuspan.com. For more information, please visit www.nuspan.com.

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