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    Posted April 18, 2014 by
    Kyiv, Ukraine
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    To Be On Thin Ice


    The fate of Ukraine is resolving in Donbass now. Unable to shake the situation throughout the whole South-East of our country immediately, the Kremlin decided to proceed in stages, bringing Ukrainian cities out of Kyiv's control one by one.


    We must understand that Donetsk region is a such-called pilot project of Putin's game second round (after the Crimea), the game he plays to destroy Ukraine. And if Moscow succeeds here, we will become the witnesses of the same scenario in Luhansk and Kharkiv regions. And so on.


    However, the same events can be initiated simultaneously in the south of Ukraine. Russians have a good springboard for these actions already, and this springboard is Transnistria. In about two thousand Russian troops have been launched there in March, and a half of them were commandos – professionally trained subversive groups.


    While the attention of Ukraine is focused on Donbass, this is a good time for Putin to try running the same algorithm in Odessa. If Ukraine loses Odessa, it will lose the entire South at once. But the South-East is not the end of this scenario probably: while Putin supports Viktor Yanukovych, we can't say that he will not want to get Kyiv. It's clear, that he will do this for “return of the Ukrainian legitimate authorities”.


    Certainly, this is just a small fragment of the situation. And after reading the article of Washington Post  I clearly understand Putin's pro-Soviet views. Just take a look at the books he reads , and you will understand why he still considers the collapse of the USSR the worst catastrophe happened in the 20th century.


    More than a decade the world has a pacifist image – a flower inserted to a barrel. Announcing the anti-terrorist operation, Ukrainian authorities have put such flowers into our troops' guns by strict limit of their actions.


    Yes, we do not need any victims among so-called civilians. But what does prevent authorities from announcing this region the one in a state of emergency, and explaining to the public that anyone who interferes officers automatically becomes outlawed?


    Yesterday (April 17), several extremists were wounded by our soldiers during the storm of the military unit in Mariupol (Donetsk region). They (extremists) immediately said they were just walking around at midnight and become accidental victims. Conclusion: our soldiers are bloodthirsty maniacs who kill people. Though every thoughtful person considers it nonsense, when someone attacks military men during the anti-terrorist operation (!), takes their weapons, and storms their facilities.


    Maybe it's time to understand that it is impossible to use a knife without taking it out of sheath?


    I am against of carnage. But there is always a moment when every country faces a choice: to defend itself or cease to exist. If we decided to look like a peace-loving nation and a part of the Great Russia, it's time to say it directly. There is no need to be shy here, as it confuses everyone around.


    If we do not want to be a part of Russia, we should defend ourselves. Maybe this is a difficult choice for someone, but we have to make this choice. It should have been done yesterday.


    Today Ukraine is on thin ice: there is a threat to provoke the Russian invasion, to lose our country and people on one hand; and there is a quiet loss of our country without victims on the other hand.


    I do respect Christian morality, but I can not find any examples in history when at least one weak-willed nation was called great and worthy of respect.
    Yesterday, the people of Eastern Ukraine held rallies in support of Ukraine. They do not want to live in Russia. The question appears: who are all those armed guys who call themselves civilians willing to join Russia and asking Putin for help?


    The answer to this question is more than obvious for the majority of Ukrainians.

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