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    Posted April 18, 2014 by
    Manila, Philippines

    Human Rights violations by Philippines DOJ/Immigration has impact on the U.S.A. Immigration bill that is dead as ever, 300k Filipinos scheduled to be deported.


    A reliable source at the Department of Foreign Affairs has revealed that the corruption and human rights violations by the Philippines DOJ and Bureau of Immigration has found its way into the ears of United States lawmakers, who in turn have blocked the passing of the Immigration reform bill.


    The source revealed that letters and documents have been sent to USA Republican senators and House of Representative law makers showing evidence of corruption, human rights violations and denial of due process by the Philippines Department of Justice and Bureau of Immigration.


    This information provided has opened inquiries into the complaints filed and have found to have merit. These USA legislators have blocked the Immigration reform bill until some of these human rights violations have been resolved.


    One of the most out spoken opponent of the Immigration bill is Republican majority leader Eric Cantor from Virginia. A year after a comprehensive immigration reform bill was introduced in the Senate, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) made it clear that the legislation is as dead as ever in the House.


    The USA Embassy ambassador Philip S. Goldberg has made his concerns, about human rights violations, known to the Philippines Office of the President and to USA President Barak Obama, who is due to visit Philippines on April 28-29, 2014.


    The Philippines government is already making preparations to assist in the deportation of some 300,000 Filipinos from the USA. The repatriation of 300,000 Filipinos will have a great effect on the unemployment rate in the Philippines.


    Foreigners have become the targets for extortion and are subject to harassment, illegal detention, denial of due process and human rights violations by the Philippines DOJ and Bureau of Immigration.


    The Philippines DOJ, who is headed by Secretary Leila De Lima, has been the targeted for being unable to control the corruption in her agency, staff of prosecutors and state councils. Strong allegations of bribery and fixing cases are common place and appears the only way that her agency operates. Lately, DOJ Secretary Leila De Lima is under fire as her husband and top. National Bureau of Investigation officials are accused of leaking confidential information that assisted in the escape of a top mastermind of the Philippines famous "pork barrel scam".


    The Bureau of Immigration which is under the Department of Justice is also under heavy fire and is in turmoil because of the agency being overwhelmed by corruption, due process violations and human rights violations. Numerous BI legal staff have been arrested/charged or suspended, fired or reassigned. The BI Commissioner Siegfred Mison has been exposed on social media sites as the perpetrator of the corruption and human rights violations.


    Numerous complaints filed by foreigners, who have been victimized by Philippines DOJ and Immigration, have placed detailed informatiion on the internet through websites, social media and blog posts, some of the websites and social media reaching viewers of hundreds of thousands to millions.


    They have gotten more aggressive by directly contacting government officials in other agencies, senators, tourist agencies and business commerce groups to expose the human rights violations and corruption by the Philippines DOJ and Immigration agencies.


    The Philippines Government has always been well known for covering up its human rights violations but with the modern age of the Internet, social media and aggressive activists, it is very clear that their dirty secrets are becoming the focus of the worlds eyes.

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