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    Posted April 18, 2014 by
    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
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    U.S. Dept. of State continues its ruthless attacks as it looks for candidate to fill up job post; it says Dominican Republic is xenophobic against Haitians


    The accusations are of lynching’s and the burning homes


    The Department of State of the United States has shown to be tenacious and persevering in their questioning of human rights in the Dominican Republic. This latest onslaught brings widespread discrimination which includes a "xenophobic violence" against people of Haitian descent. To that end it includes public lynching and burning home of persons of Haitian descent.
    The agency that manages the U.S. Government foreign policy overflows in complaints and questions against the Dominican Republic and its treatment of Haitian immigrants and descendants of the neighboring country of Haiti. In a notice published on its website calling for candidates to apply for the post of Assistant protection officer (JPO-by its acronym in English).
    The barrage of criticism in the referral web portal is preceded by the requirements and conditions for the aforementioned position, which will be ascribed to the UNHCR (Office of the of the United Nations High Commissioner for refugees) and specific functions of protection and defense of Haitian immigrants and descendants.
    The arguments set out in the notice coincide remarkably and is much related to the pronouncements of some domestic sectors who question the 168-13 judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal (TC), which suggests an affinity and or connection between these groups and the U.S. State Department.
    In this regard, the Communicator and Councilor Consuelo Despradel, nationalist advocate, consulted by El Nuevo Diario, said that you can confirm once more the arguments which these "traitors" exhibit in the country are actually provided by the United States Department of State, through agencies such as the UNHCR, NGOs, the Jesuits, and some communicators and Dominican politicians.
    After all the criticism of the Dominican Republic seen as the main country of asylum in the Caribbean for the refugees, the State Department estimated at more than one million the number of Haitian migrants who are currently on Dominican soil.
    Also, has stated that there are at least a quarter of a million (250,000) people born in Dominican Republic of Haitian descent (dominico-haitianos). Those it adds are in varying degrees of risk of statelessness.
    When it comes to the border that divides both countries (Haiti-Dominican Republic), the Agency of the Government of the United States holds that women and Haitian children are used for work in the sex trade or domestic servitude industry in the border area.
    "The border is very porous (permeable) and is characterized by frequent violations of human rights by the military authorities and the border patrols", it argues.
    In the publication it’s repeated once again, and several times over, that for several decades the Dominican authorities carried out unannounced raids and indiscriminate mass deportations of Haitian immigrants. It points out that the problem of Haitian migrants in Dominican Republic is extremely sensitive, both at the national political level as well as at the local community level.
    It accuses the Dominican State of historically depriving of nationality to the children of Haitian descent, despite the "jus solis in the constitutional framework".
    Similarly, it says that since 2007 the Dominican Governments has put in place new policies, which strips of citizenship papers people of Haitian descent who had already received them.
    "A new constitutional, promulgated in January of 2010, has changed the framework of the nationality, and the creation of a constitutional order to deny citizenship to children born in its territory (Dominican), the non-resident migrants", it expands.

    It mentions that there is a common expectation of the new provisions for nationality to apply retroactively, providing a platform to the Government to extend and implement a more systematic policy.
    "This will further exacerbate the risk of statelessness for certain populations", it adds.
    It is in the previous context examples in which the person will act whomever is chosen for the position of Assistant protection officer, thereby gaining experience in the field, exposure and knowledge of the issues of protection of refugees, statelessness and the protection of populations that have been displaced by natural disasters, "within a highly complex migration environment".
    It is recalled that El Nuevo Diario, its digital edition of February 24 and the printed edition of the 25th of the same month, published a work under the title “Acusación de racismo contra RD se origina en informes del Departamento de Estado EEUU" (“Accusation of racism against DR originates in U.S. State Department reports"), which we mentioned that these allegations of Dominican Republic being a country which is racist and a violator of human rights against Haitian immigrants has gone as far back as the end of the 1980's, although it is the result of the verdict 168-13 of the Constitutional Court that this type of accusations has garnished greater coverage and notoriety at national and international level.
    This article was outlined by El Nuevo Diario and gave a look to the reports of the United States Department of State from 1989 on forward, discovered that Dominicans are presented to the world as "torturers" of Haitians and lots of human rights issues.
    It is said that the accusations against the country has been repetitive and systematic. These reports that the U.S. State Department, sends to the commission for Foreign Affairs and also to both, the Senate and the Chamber of Congress of the United States have repeatedly in general contain matters that refer to the situation of human rights in the country. The U.S. Embassy displays it on its web site, and all corresponds to the years 1989, 1993, 1994, 2004 and 2012, which is in possession of numerous news agencies.
    Since this publication the job description has been modified to delete its prior contents. Permanent copies have been made by this newspaper.

    See prior article: “Acusación de racismo contra RD se origina en informes del Departamento de Estado EEUU" (“Accusation of racism against DR originates in U.S. State Department reports") http://elnuevodiario.com.do/app/article1.aspx?id=364678
    Dept. of State Job Position: http://www.state.gov/j/prm/jpo_ae/224530.htm

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