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    Glendale, California
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    Star Trek: Generations Q&A Screening with Malcolm McDowell and Michael Dorn


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     montebubbles told me, 'Malcolm McDowell doesn't just do a Q and A, he does a performance! Michael Dorn, as the moderator, actually got more than a word in. While Mr. McDowell joked about William Shatner, similarly both men are continually working. Mr. McDowell is an imposing larger than life person who not only could do standup comedy but really belongs in a one man show talking about his career and all the people he worked with. He sees the funny side of life, more than the serious side, while being a great dramatic actor.'
    - hhanks, CNN iReport producer

    Malcolm McDowell's voice and animated gestures captured my attention. It was if someone told McDowell he had to present a show so people in the cheap seats could enjoy it too. Lt. Commander Worf, Michael Dorn was the special guest moderator and managed to get some words in between McDowell's performance.

    Tonight was the end of the series for "The Malcolm McDowell Series of Q&A Screenings" presented by Prospect Entertainment with Glendale Arts in Glendale, California. Nichelle Nichols known as officer Lieutenant Uhura also came to support her Star Trek alumni.

    As I review the evening, I realize these words on the page, don't capture Malcolm's timing or performance, which can truly only be seen or heard.

    "Star Trek for me was a just pleasant thing to do and then I never thought about it again... I'm not the kind of actor that looks back anyway to say which is always your favorite part, because it's always the next one, because what's the point...I'm not the kind of an actor that sits around looking at his old movies, although God I've made some good ones." Malcom McDowell

    "The whole experience for me was it was amazing that we were actually doing a movie 5 months after we finished the series. We finished the series in 1994 and they started the movie that was unheard of. I’ve always love the character, I've always loved working so I was thanking everybody" shared Michael Dorn.

    "He's a phenomenal actor and I've always enjoyed his company and always had a great laugh with him. Of course, I have to set him up... He's too serious, otherwise he's hilarious. I'm on this mountain and I'm sitting in my chair listening to Bill Shatner reciting some sonnets, Shakespeare which was something not to be believe ruffling Patrick who was on the phone with his agent about his figure, his action figure and really complaining...that he looked like a real sourpuss because his mouth was down and he wanted it to go up...that was the kind of conversation I was placed in as I sat on this bloody mountain, the Valley of Fire between these two icons but I'm going to tell you there was one point where Shatner had hold of this arm and Pickard had hold of this arm...and I suddenly said STOP! If only your fans could see you now."

    A note was brought to Michael Dorn, from Bill Shatner to Malcolm. Dorn read it to the audience, "I first knew Malcolm from Clockwork Orange indeed I was reminded of him during a recent eye examination when they rolled my eyelids up to do something or other and I thought Malcolm McDowell... then I got to see his elfin face when we did our movie together, it was then unlined and his hair was dark, time passes. Things changed for both of us, his face gets lined and mine gets round I spent some special moments with Malcolm during the filming of Generations and consider him a true buddy, especially if he goes to a movie theatre near him on April 24th to see the film of my one man show."

    Malcolm took the note from Michael and continued reading Bill Shatner's note, "I love Malcolm; tell him if he needs any publicity I'll work with him."

    Malcolm then turned to the audience, held up the note and intimated, "I'm going to frame this and hang it in my loo."

    "I wouldn't have thought seriously that Star Trek would have been in one of my top 3 movies of all time, but why not, it's a terrific movie." revealed Malcolm just before leading into the movie. He had only seen the movie once before and stayed to watch "Star Trek: Generations" a 35 mm film on screen released in 1994

    The one quote from Malcolm that lives on as he slowly paused, "Time is the fire in which we burn."
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