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    Posted April 18, 2014 by

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    Casmir Sweater


    Guess where all the Sugar Daddies go?  See Dad: I told ya' Uncle David is smart.  He even knows where all Fat Cats go?  Member Dad?  They all "head to the Bahamas and guess what they do?  First I'll tell you this: this is how Uncle David told me.  Did you ever notice when there is a Hurricane and they always talk about Puerto Rico or Haiti, and Florida, then to the Gulf of Mexico or Houston Texas.  See they even gossip about the East Coast and slam into New Jersey where the Mafia dwells... also known as: The Refrigerator Demon, where the Gambino family has a cooler for Spinach Pies over the George Washington Bridge in Jersey.  Uncle David even knows the Harry Wasserman people that is set down in Md-Manhattan.  He still wonders why Harlem gets the food last.  Watch this?  Now Uncle David is going to tell Pastor James David Manning.  Uncle David knows everybody.  Now think about it Dad?  Uncle David is teaching me how to infiltrate people, just like Papa Bush taught him.  No one likes a whistle-blower,  Didn't Grandpa teach you: Don't be a tattle-tale.  You think your ready to join forces with Uncle David?  Member: No one likes a tattle-tale.  So I'm going to tell you, just what the Fat Cats do in the Bahamas.  They invest in Real Estate Investment Trusts; aka: they buy Condos there and ship their mistress off to the deserted island and the women think they got it made in the shade.  But Uncle David told us the rest of the story.  They send them funds to live off of and visit about once a year, to take a shot with their hunnies, but really to inspect the property.  Then when the married men want a chunk of change.  To retire on, they have their cleaning lady or mistress that keeps the Condo in premium condition, tell her to hit the road, with the dwelling in his name and evicts her to sell the once $36,000.00 that over some years has gained value near $200,000.00 USD and becomes a honorable man in his own family lives and lives with a nice piece of pie to set back and live in luxury.  In his aged body with his wife and grand kids.  Member?  Did you notice, that nothing ever happens in the Bahamas.  The girls wait around for a plane to land and yearn for the louse to arrive.  The Sugar Daddies leave their mistresses homeless, and menopausal with nothing to turn to.  Talk about the slave-trade.  Did you get all that Dad?  Member: loose lips sink ships.  Amen  Brought to you by: David M. Pedjoe Hammering out thesis' and concepts to litigate a wider range of Equality. Guaranteed Computed Vehicle Here!

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