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    Posted April 18, 2014 by

    Not Humane

    I have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is different in every individual and can be very hard to treat. Id like to start off by saying I am all for drug testing to find illegal drug use. However, drug testing to make sure your taking medications is a whole other thing. I am being prescribed medications with very bad side effects! I have always had problems with the types of medications for bipolar. I feel that I am better off just dealing with my illness with out them since its really just a trade off of symptoms. I am on disability and here is where the problem is. With the country following the hate campaign against people who are on ssi, I cant believe we are being forced to take medications that are highly addictive and don't work or get kicked off ssi. I am being forced to become addicted to horrible medications. How and why did this happening? When I try to discuss the medications and the problem I have with them I get attitude and all they do is switch the dosages around either stronger or weaker. The medications for this disorder all basically work about the same. Problem is some are HIGHLY addictive like Ativan! When I say I don't want to take some thing addictive I'm told you have to take your medications . I was even told its not addictive . Research on the medication says other wise!!!! They really don't care. This is wrong on so many levels. Why is this being done to us? I live in Texas. Looks like Ill be homeless one day soon because I cant take these medications. I'm not against testing for illegal drug use. I am against being forced to become addicted and forced to take medications that make you worse instead of better! Some people are helped by them others are not! We are hated in society for having health problems. Honestly with the constant threats of being forced to take medications or get kicked off any help at all ...be prepared for the suicide rate to go way up. Id rather be dead than homeless .I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way. That is what they want too. For people like us to all be dead and gone. I'm not saying this as a threat, this is what is really going on. This needs to change. Where is the humanity? How would you feel in my shoes? We are constantly under the threat of loosing any help we get... so they want to have us addicted to medications ? Then in the event that they find another reason not to help us and we are bounced out of the system. We will all be without the medications they forced us to get addicted to.? Is any one paying attention to what is really going on? Please get this story out there! We need some one to step up and help us! Here is a link to just one of the four medications I am prescribed http://www.rxlist.com/ativan-side-effects-drug-center.htm
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