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    Posted April 18, 2014 by

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    I dare to repeat myself: the stiff-necked hypocrites of The US of A are in deep-crap - if we do not follow the German Work Week of 32 hours, in a four day work week, with a paid one month "holiday," also a guaranteed right! to a college education = from K to 16 lest we become a third world Country, fair warning fools!  This is only a part of thee equation to compete and re-adjust to Global Demands.  Now what we need to do is follow suit with the 32 hour work week and NOW replicate it with another 32 hour work-week, within a present week or 2, 32 hour jobs = 64 hours, even in the Winter Soltice of only daylight hours, for safety and a double amount of employment for the United States.  Which will end The Great Recession and most Walfare States, and unemployment and create cash-flow for the Union Label = a boon in consumer goods.  So simple to implement and end college loans and enlarge housing demands.  A word to the wise is sufficient!  Do you not conceive the conspiracy here of being indebt and facing foreclosure.  Want proof this is a conspiracy?  Here you go!  The alloy that coins are made of is suffocating  crap!  The metal holds no value, to forge into a gun or bullet, or even hammered out sheet metal.  This is treason, in thee event of war, famine, or depression!  Do you now believe the conspiracy?  Our best investment today is in Mercury Dimes = about $2.00 per coin.  Also a great Federal Asset for re-creating the Silver Certificate = Federal Historic Archives... not the US States, but the Washington D.C. Federal, Federal!  One more thought!  Demand into law the end of the "Delete" button aka doomsday devise on computers!  Of this Era in Federal National Archives.  A cache' of Americana.   Brought to you by: David M. Pedjoe Hammering out thesis' and concepts to litigate a wider range of Equality. Guaranteed Computed Vehicle Here!

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