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    Successful businessman

    A strong golfer, a successful financier, he began his career as a prosecutor of the study Ambrosetti, one of five prosecutors to the cries of Piazza Affari. In a short time became a veritable guru of finance, making the buying stage companies falimentare.
    Marco Russo has chosen as a model of success Raul Gardini, his idol finance aggressive and concrete. In the short term has founded two financial companies, one of which has its headquarters in Hannover and the other in Luxemburg. It is Yuma Finance AG, which is responsible for asset management in emerging markets in the world, while Phoenix Immo Luxembourg is the European markets.
    Question: Why most aspiring traders fail?
    Answer: It's been estimated that 90% of aspiring traders sends smoke into their money within the first year of operation. Why is this happening? Trading is so difficult that only a select few can be successful? The answer is no, all have the potential to be a good trader but the precise conditions.
    Question: Trader is a lucrative profession ?
    Answer: Yes, but if you think there are so many other profitable professions in the world as the lawyer, the banker, the doctor, etc. . These professions, however, require several years of study and apprenticeship before getting a significant economic return.
    Question: So why should trading be any different?
    Answer: Trading is a profession like any other, fortunately, to become a successful trader you can use much less than the path to becoming a doctor, however, it takes too much study and training.
    Do not be in a hurry because the market is always offering opportunities and, in the world of trading, the saying " every left is lost " is about as wrong can be. When you start with real money is important to start with small amounts, with caution opening positions. The key point is not to win so soon, but it is to stay in the game long enough to really know what you are doing and start making money really.
    Q: What is your professional philosophy?

    A: It is important to participate in any business venture, but the main thing is winning. Some investors follow the growth philosophy, concentrating on stocks with steadily rising earnings. Others are value investors, searching for stocks that have fallen out of favor, and are therefore cheap relative to the true value of their assets. Some managers favor small-capitalization stocks, while others stick with large blue chip companies. Some managers have a philosophy of remaining fully invested at all times, while others believe in market timing, so that their portfolios can accumulate cash if the managers think stock or bond prices are about to fall. Styles encompass international and fixed-income investing and combinations of all the foregoing. Styles are cyclical, but since cycles cannot be predicted with any certainty, patience and discipline are the timehonored elements of successful investing. Managers who have not consistently stayed with their styles have historically been unsuccessful and style drift is viewed as a negative in the analysis of a manager’s record. Example: The phenomenal performance of dot-com stocks in the late 1990s tempted some managers to depart from their styles, and the subsequent decline in tech stocks caught them unprepared.
    Q: What's next? international expansion?
    A: Expanding the investment markets both east Asian Europe
    Q: What are your passions?
    A: My biggest passion is playing golf.
    Q: Many say that golf is not a sport, and sometimes even boring? What do you think ?
    A: Not true, Golf is a difficult sport, like all sports that require a lot of technique and ability.
    Q: Does golf help you in your life?
    A: Yes, when I can concentrate totally on the game of golf and it allows me to return to work with the mind detached and relaxed.
    Q: What do you think about when you have to pull a shot?
    A: Want to reach a precise goal

    Q: If you could choose between the world champions, who would you play with?
    A: It would be trite to say with Tiger Woods, but I'd be happy to play with the Molinari brothers.
    Q: Golf is available for all or only to a certain level of people?
    A: I think we can all play.
    Q: The most beautiful hole that played in Italy?
    A: There have been many, but in particular I remember the 1 handicap hole num.14 of a golf club Poggio dei Medici.
    Q: What's your advice to those approaching for the first time in the world of golf and want to learn the sport?
    A: Having tenacity as in all sports and a lot of determination.
    One day I had a putt to win a yard of important qualifications to the Italian league. While I have addressed just before hitting the ball, I thought by myself: " It's too important. Not'll never make it! " But a second before starting the small back swing, a little voice inside me said," Why should you make the mistakes? This is your moment! " So it was ; in the life it takes great positivity and everything is done!
    by Yulia Shesternikova
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