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    Posted April 19, 2014 by

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    It's Time to Have the Greatest Depression


    It’s Time to Have the Greatest Depression! 1.     University of Oxford Science has just published a report that finds that greed is good, so is bullying, income equality and political strongmen. God makes me wish I was living in Putin’s Russia! 2.     I would love to have interviewed someone about this. Get an unbiased opinion. I thought Jordan Belfort was my guy. The real life wolf of Wall Street. His only complaint about the Scorsese movie was that it was watered down too much! 3.     Being raped in a bankrupt city, like Detroit is not good if you want the rapist to get justice. There are over 11,000 rape kits waiting to be tested by the authorities there. 4.     Bertone – luxury Turin Italian automotive style house has gone into bankruptcy. Quality is not something we are prepared to pay for? 5.     Not surprising that Bertone has failed when Rome is on the brink of bankruptcy. “Strength and honour” as Maximus would say. Those damned barbarians! 6.     Meanwhile the Greeks want reparations from Germans for what they did to their country in World War 2. They hope that might get them out of their economic woes. Then there were the Ottoman Turks – they should be paying compensation too. Then the Romans – but they’re broke! 7.     Sudden success, super wealth, kids from poor backgrounds is a nightmare. Bad advice, corrupt advisers, incompetent advisers. So we see 2 of the biggest female artists in the world today in trouble now or in the last few years. 8.     Rihanna said she on the verge of bankruptcy and it was her accountant’s fault. That’s not what you hired me for! – he fired back. 9.     Lady Gaga said she was bankrupt in 2009 during her Monster Ball tour. 10.     Touching the entertainment world was the death of L’Wrenn Scott – the only woman who tamed Mick Jagger. We’ve talked before about the heavy burden that the stigma of facing or going bankrupt puts on people. Said to have been a factor in her death as she struggled with heavy financial losses – which she could not bring herself to share with Mick Jagger. 11.     Which is why it is a good idea that an Irish woman challenged laws preventing bankrupts from running for parliament. She was successful. There are other barriers against bankrupts still that need to be taken down – the word bankruptcy being but one. 12.     Sweet – the eco-lesbian travel company has nowhere to go now that its gone into bankruptcy. Thank goodness the lesbian only cemetery has opened in Germany! 13.     Now these are people that you would have to worry about trusting. Irish Psychics Live goes into liquidation. They didn’t see it coming? 14.     Global debt owed by governments in mid-2013 was $100 trillion. 15.     Hardly surprising that legendary investor Jeremy Grantham says that the US Federal Reserve killing US recovery – and he expects the next collapse to be bigger unlike any others, Bigger than the Great Depression in 1929?

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