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    Posted April 18, 2014 by

    Haiti's pressure relieve valve.


    In 1980, The United state learned a very important lesson in out of control immigration. From April to October of 1980, The Mariel boat lift took place, an exodus of 125,000 Cubans took place , which was organized by Cuban Americans and approved by the Cuban Government, At the end the massive exodus had very negative implications on President Carter Administration , since the Cuban government took advantage of the Humanitarian will of the American people to clear out the Cuban jails and mental health facilities, creating many problems in Florida.
    Today something very similar is taking place in the Dominican Republic , with Hundred of thousands of Haitians crossing over to the DR looking for jobs, free health care, land, and even wood to cook., causing deforestation of Dominican forests,  Just like in 1980, Today's immigration chaos in the DR is in part organized by Haitian government, and also Non-profit groups who bring pregnant women by buses full of them every week, most in serious medical conditions due to the lack of any services in Haiti, The humanitarian will of the Dominican people is being taken advantage by not only the more than 100 Haitians non-profit organizations who are being funded by the US, France, Canada, and other Nations with vested interest in not seeing a single Haitian boat lift reaching their beaches or Illegals flying in, These NPO are responsible for well planned demonstrations in the DR, using children, women and old people to change the public view of what Dominicans call the Second Invasion of Haitians, and to change the laws it self, since now many groups such as CENTRO BONO, MUDHA, Jesuits and many other are putting pressure so the DR recognized as Dominicans the Thousand of Haitians children born there for Humanitarian reason that never were taken back to Haiti by their parents and are now all over the cities , towns, and country demanding citizenship.
    This Chaotic situation have been a bonanza for Haiti, who now have a pressure relief valve to open up, when the corrupt government refuse to provide for it people, the problem solver of Port of Prince have always been the same, send as many poor to the DR, as possible. which now is causing unemployment, violence , hate and tension between old enemies, because of this historical fact between the DR and Haiti, the Dominican Government run by the PLD for more than a decade now have implemented a propaganda of Dominican-Haitian brotherhood, a propaganda that everyday that pass since to fall flat in it face, due to the tensions between both people trying to use the same resources Dominican resources .
    But this chaos it is not only caused by Haitian groups , the Haitian government , but also by the Dominican Government itself,  Before 1996 no other Government In the DR have been so pro Haitian until the PLD took power, The official party offers jobs to illegals by the thousands, violating it own Constitution, and of course the reason is always the same, MONEY.. cheap labor , that have created mass poverty for Dominicans while at the same time making the members of the Central Committee, and other parties the riches men on the island in matters of just a few years.
    To make matter worst for the Dominicans people, now Haiti have an upper hand over Dominicans politics , since the 2010 Haitian earthquake , the Dominicans government went in to help, in the process the members of the Central committee of the PLD gained 30% of all the reconstruction projects in Haiti, and according to the UN, it will cost up to US$ 14,000,000,000 Billions Dollars, which is US$4,200,000,000 for the members of the Central committee of PLD,  which now give Haiti the power to pressure the DR to give Dominican citizenship to any Haitian or they will loose the contracts, a piece of news that have been conveniently left out of Dominican newspapers and TV , in an effort by the government to keep certain facts out the public , to keep the subject as a " humanitarian situation" and not what it really is... financial interest by the Dominican government for it elite members.


    Another recent news that was totally ignored by all the major Newspapers was the Interview of Ex-President Leonel Fernandez in Florida, In this interview ,Leonel who is also the President of the PLD, said that the DR should give citizenship to any Haitian that had it, without following any protocol by the Junta central Electoral..JCE to find out if they got it illegally like the hundred of thousands of illegal Documents bought by Haitians , This news would have been very damaging to the PLD since 90% of Dominicans favor total deportation of Haitians illegals and favor the Constitution , The news in the DR is well controlled by the ruling party and many Dominicans do not even know the details of the laws, and labor treaties between DR and Haiti, that clearly stated that the "sons and daughters of BRASEROS born in the DR had to be registered at the Haitian Embassy and inform immigration" which clearly mean...Their children born in the DR are Haitians like their parents.

    The propaganda of brotherhood took another negative turn today , when the Dominican authorities had to prohibit Dominicans from using the Manzanillo Beach in the DR, because, this time of year , many Haitians go there to practice their voodoo religions, have other celebrations , Which show how brotherly the situation on the ground is, while the Haitians and Dominicans elite play financial games to gain control or fortune , the people of both countries can not even be together at one beach under the influence of any alcohol.
    The nations who are controlling this immigration chaos that is causing deforestation, crimes, unemployment , are playing a dangerous game with the life of thousands , hopefully the Dominican people can put a stop to the Haitian pressure relief valve of sending thousands of illegals to use Dominicans services and take their jobs, Hopefully Dominicans can finally realize that their leaders are in the take, that they are responsible for that chaos, due to their irresponsible endless greed, and hopefully an Ethnic conflict can be avoided between Dominicans and Haitians that refuse to leave the DR now that they have the backing of the UN. Hopefully Haitians can realize that DR is not their territory and is not there to provide for them, that the DR is a separate country with laws and rules, Hopefully both people will elect responsible leaders and not the same corrupt inept people.

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