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    Paul Gallant How to convince a child from tobacco?

    Paul Gallant How to convince a child from tobacco?

    Most adult smokers started smoking in adolescence, even in childhood! When fully realize that smoking offers only disadvantages, they are often already addicted to cigarettes and have difficulty quitting. Paul Gallant As prevention is better than cure, it may be useful to know the different arguments to use with your child to dissuade him from taking up smoking.


    Tell your child that smoking causes many health problems. Not only can it cause lung cancer but it also increases the risk of other cancers such as cancer of the throat, tongue, esophagus, prostate and breast. It can also cause cardiovascular problems like high blood pressure,Paul Gallant stroke or heart or respiratory problems crisis, such as asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

    If your child is a girl, tell her that if she starts smoking, it will stop anyway when want to have a child because smoking during pregnancy and even after birth the baby can greatly affect their health since smoking reduces the caliber of the blood vessels, which reduces the oxygen supply to the brain.

    Tell him that smoking is very expensive, especially when the dependency is installed. Paul Gallant Calculate what it costs over long periods ( years, in 10 years, over a lifetime) for regular smoking and provide such goods (computer, car, house) that person could have obtained with the money wasted on cigarettes.

    Mention how smoking causes bad breath and s penetrating the clothing, furniture and curtains with an unpleasant odor.

    Remind your child that smokers often have an unpleasant taste in the mouth, Paul Gallant they are likely to spit frequently in a handkerchief but more often on the ground, less than spend their time chewing gum!

    Emphasize that slavery is an imperative physical needs as needs nicotine, which occurs at sunrise and returns regularly throughout the day.

    Tips and Warnings

    Tip (s):

    If you smoke yourself, it would be better to give up the habit before talking to your child about the dangers of tobacco!

    Warning (s ) Caution:

    Small fruit flavored cigars are as dangerous or more than conventional cigarettes

    Paul Gallant Even snuff or chewing tobacco can cause cancers and cardiovascular problems because it often contains more nicotine than conventional tobacco.

    Cannabis is 4 times more carcinogenic than tobacco.
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